Infinite Save loop must quit game (PC)

So twice I’ve had an infinite save problem after buying a car and adding a custom paint job. Could be the custom paint job doing it. Unsure. Only option is to quit to desktop and restart game. I believe I have the car on restart but not the paint. So far only technical issue I’m aware of.

I Just encountered the exact same thing as I was trying to import a paint job from a FH3 save, got the infinite loop for over 15 minutes now. You are saying it’s safe to restart and that you just lose the paint job? I have been waiting because I’m afraid I might corrupt my save.

I had a similar issue last night when I picked my free car. I selected the F50 and a custom paint. Game said saving for quite a while [far longer than it should have] eventually I closed FM7 and reloaded. The car was there. I don’t think the paint was though