Indy 250 - can you beat it? Hall of fame

Well, yes, of course we can all beat it… unless… it’s on Sim Damage and Unbeatable AI!

I just can’t seem to beat them, and I’ve tried dozens of times. The leaders seem so fast, yet they’re not drafting anyone and they’re using the same car as me.

Even though they’re not drafting, they seem to get great range out of a tank of fuel!

If I draft them, during the course of the 100 lap race, one of them will stop for no reason and smash my car to pieces.

I’m using a wheel, so I’m relatively smooth.

I haven’t tried for a few weeks, so maybe a patch will have changed something, but I’m determined to beat them.

The best I’ve managed to far is 4th. A very hard earned 4th.

Have you tried since the Oct. 15 patch?

I just re-ran this and won it using these settings

Unbeatable AI
limit drivatar aggression on
Braking line off
ABS off
TCS & STM off
Manual W/O clutch (would normally run clutch but wanted to avoid the start line stall)
Sim damage

I found the AI still had more straight line speed there were a couple of times I was drafting one & bouncing off the limiter going top speed & they were pulling away.

The best way I found to make up time was entry & exit of the pits I pitted every 17 laps & made up time every time I pitted. Pit exit seems to be where you can make up the most time they are so slow on pit exit & if you go full throttle as soon as you get control you will make up a huge amount of time. I was 10th when I made my first stop & by the time everyone pitted (which was only 2 laps latter) I was in 1st & ended up winning but just over 19,000 feet.

Didn’t have too many problems with the AI you could usually read them when they were going slow the only near miss was when I came flying through a corner & there was a AI parked across the middle of the track but luckily I was able to avoid it.

I had the same problem, I think it’s a gear issue. I think the AI cars have more top end but since you can’t tune in these races you are stuck with the stock ratios. If you run a free play race with the same settings, don’t apply a tune just adjust the transmission you will see that these cars are capable of quite a bit more speed before starting to bounce.

All that being said, the race is definitely beatable but you need to have a pretty clean race and you will have to live with being behind most of the race. I beat it and it wasn’t until the final 10 laps that I was sniffing the lead. I know a lot of people aren’t willing to put an hour in not knowing if they can win or not but it is beatable just don’t expect to be the leader for the entire race.


I won by short pitting and changing the pit strategy. By the time of the final lap I could coast into all corners to conserve fuel and I got the win. Unbeatable, no assists, simulation.

It’s not that hard. As mentioned the AI is incredibly slow in the pitlane. Laptime differences should still only be tenths if the AI is a bit faster than you, but the AI loses 10+ seconds everytime it pits because it decelerates early and accelerates very very late you’ll cruise to the win. That’s a massive amount over the course of about 5 stops during the race, more than an entire lap advantage for you. Even if you are half a second a lap slower than the AI you’ll still probably win

Thanks everyone.

In answer to PPiDRIVE, no, I haven’t tried it since the patch.

I experienced the same thing with making up time in the pit stops, but found eventually if I drafted, one of the AI would stop, and ruin me. Maybe I can make up enough time up in the pit stops and not draft just to avoid the risk of contact.

If I remember correctly, I was losing about 90ft per lap to the leader.

This is a great mode. Ovals are so under-rated. :slight_smile:

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