Indianapolis 500

I would like to run the entire Indianapolis 500 (200 laps), is this possible?

Thank you


What is the max currently as I can’t get on to see?
(It wasn’t possible in FM5-except when T10 added a special race for the weekend–loved it)

Max is 50 laps in free play. I don’t think you can replicate it in ofline play.

There’s an “Indianapolis 250” endurance showcase, but I have no idea what it is.

100 laps at Indy Brickyard.

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When does it unlock? (Indy endurance showcase) Mine is still locked. Guessing I need to go further through the career?

Select it while it’s locked, and the game will tell you the requirement.

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Thanks Mos

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The only way i can think of is the way i do it i do rivals and do laps there isnt a limit ive done up to 250 even if u never beat ur rival u can win millions and if wheelspins are your think you can get like 15 of them it takes me like 3 hours haha :slight_smile:

You can run 200 laps in a rivals race. I dont think there is a limit if you just keep going.

Yep. No problem.

I’d be up for that if you ever get a group to do it online. Feel free to add me. TheBadJesus

Issue is you can’t, BadJesus. Max is 50laps or wait until May when they will more then likely make a special online hopper for it.

Do we have timed races still? The OP was complaining about our inability to setup our own full Indy 500.

there is a way online, just use time rather than laps