Increase File Limit - 500 Limit for a game that launched with 500+ cars?

Forza Horizon 5 launched with 534 cars available in the game, so why is the file limit at 500 for tunes and paints? This problem has only become exacerbated by the addition of more cars, resulting in a situation where it becomes increasingly likely that any individual, dedicated player is likely to encounter this limitation.

My suggestion is to increase the file limit to something beyond the current total car count of 637 cars as of writing this. This would provide community contributors with leeway to have multiple tunes per car that cater to more niche requirements such as seasonal events.

I agree. I’m now having to delete tunes so that I can load tunes to new cars.


I would suggest to increase the garage limit as well. You get cars usually a lot quicker than tunes and liveries. I’ve been doing inventory management with the cars every week for the last month.
More tuning slots were already suggested btw, so also vote


I definitely agree. Increase the file limits for a lot of the stuff that you do in the Creative Hub. 1,000+ cars, 1000 designs, 1000 tunes, 1000 vinyl parts and double the limit of the number of routes you can save. The last part I actually don’t know the amount. I hit the limit pretty easy during the duration of Forza Horizon 4’s life cycle while it was releasing updates.


i understand the need to streamline the game size, but a warning with an “option to agree” to possible longer loads… yes please!!

You have reached the livery design limit!
Saving additional liveries may cause longer load times, is this ok?
click yes to save the livery, or no to select a livery to delete.


I am able to have 641 cars in my garages.

Agreed. I’m always anxious about hitting the max file limit.


I’m here because I just ran into this problem. I just got on tonight to do a few seasonal events and now I have to search through all my tunes to determine which ones I may not want to use in the future? I have 744 cars in my garage, some of those have 4-5 tunes for various race types. I should be able to use as many times and liveries for as many cars as I want.

So now, instead of chilling out and having fun, I have to do maintenance on my game? No thanks, I’ll just go play something else. I was excited to play the 10th anniversary stuff, but I don’t want to have to look at every car to see if I have a tune to delete. I thought the cloud storage would remedy this?



Agreed. Unlimited limits wouldn’t restrict our creativity at several liveries and „test mules“ for tunes


They could do something novel such as grant you a higher level based on say your prestige level. I.e. the more you play the more slots you unlock.

That way if for some unknown reason storage is an issue for them then they can keep these default limits for casual players but allow non casual players to have a higher limit as a reward for playing the game more.


That’s a brilliant idea. Or based on the creative hub level for tunes,liveries and photos as well as eventlab maps separately


It’s not just an issue for liveries and tunes, I would like to see an increase of space allocated to save photos in game, I’m currently at 37 photos in my FH5 album using a Series X and unable to save any more (for comparison, my maximum number of photos saved in FH4 using an Xbox One was around 130).


This has been needed for a long time. Not just 640 odd cars in game, but if i can have 1000 cars in my garage, why cant i paint and tune each one differently.

I have 3 or 4 of some cars, all tuned different (C, B, A dirt & A road - Nissan Pulsar).


on god like i hate getting on nowadays but i get on just to get the cars on the off chance that they increase the design saves to 1000. im trying to get every car with each body customization option and having a design for each one. but with over 800 cars i cant even paint em anymore so i just get the new car and hop off the game till the next week rolls around. its honestly so tiring. ive already thought about deleting the game. but so much time went into it id feel like i wasted all that time.


Very much agreed. I as a creator struggle with the the limits, having to stack up vinyl groups in order to keep creating new ones.


Wait, just 500?? And I download like 4 liveries for each car!..

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yep they should increase the garage limit too ive been at 1000 for a while and have to delete/gift a bunch of cars to make space for new ones or rare ones from the festival playlist


I couldn’t agree more. We need the limit increased. There are more challenges coming every week and the current limit is just not enough.


I am a tuner and I love to tune cars in order to race in dirt, rally and on road. As a result, at a minimum, for every car, players should be able to maintain no less than 3 separate tunes (one for dirt, one for rally and one for road). However, we also need to be able to make drift tunes and while I don’t drift every car, I should nonetheless be able to save a tune to do so. Finally, some of us keep tunes for different levels of cars (for example a C tune, B tune, A tune, and S1 tune). Long story short, I ran out of room to make tunes over two months ago. And, while it is true that I can go back thru and delete some older tunes out, there is no way to save them to a local disk in order to re-import them later and the process of manually saving them by writing them out to paper and then painstakingly recreating them in game is nothing short of a painful experience. Moreover, this absolutely destroys the FUN of likeminded players. So, I am asking that FH5 be patched to allow a minimum of 5x700 total cars in game) =3500 available tuning slots ASAP. Alternatively, I am asking devs to make it possible to save tunes LOCALLY so that we can delete them from game and RE-IMPORT them when needed. This request has been made by many players over the years and seems to have fallen on deaf ears. A similar situation (lack of livery slots) also exists but I dont find those nearly as urgent… I have literally stopped competing online with friends in FH5 because I no longer have any room to make tunes without deleting others I may need. And, that is just plain messed up.

Please note that I already posted this with a ticket but it was marked solved with the suggestion that I post the matter on the boards as a feature or suggestion for discussion.


You have to rummage through circa 1,000 cars to find the tunes you can delete. No proper file manager. Absolutely crazy. I hope - no doubt vainly - they’ll at least make concessions on slot numbers in time for the expansion.