Increase Clean Racing bonus

I sent this suggestion via support ticket but also wanted to hear what fellow players think.


The after race bonus for Clean Racing skills is pretty low to the point of being negligible, and therefore doesn’t provide sufficient incentive to race clean.

Significantly raising the bonus for continuous clean race (e.g. kicking in once Ultimate Clean Racing is achieved and then growing further based on the number of consecutive Ultimate Clean Racing skills) may incentivize players across all modes (single and multiplayer) to race cleaner.

Ideally the clean bonus should be high enough to become “legit XP/Credits farming method” to grab attention of wide audience.

For example, a sprint race in High Noon seasonal champ is worth 3875 xp for 1st position. Full clean race gets you 750 additional xp for clean racing bonus.
I’d really love to see the point where full clean race (clean racing skill never broken from start to finish) would get you double the xp from the race win with values balanced in between for other case.

Would you like to see this implemented?

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I’m down for anything that rewards clean racing. Not sure the collision system is good to know not to punish you when some other racer wipes you out.


Yeah the anti-griefing isn’t working as well in FH5 as it was in FH4 yet. I’ve some pretty hard crashes against walls online but gotten no penalty, and some glancing blows that did penalize.

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Wasn’t it same in FH4? Like, it’s not how hard the crash is that matters for penalty but whether more speed was gained by riding the wall.

It was pretty zealous in FH4 at times, it seems less strict in FH5. Due to the slippery handling I’ve hit a few walls and not been penalised at times when I expected to be.

As to the OP’s question, I doubt it would make any appreciable difference.

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Collision slow down is straight borked. Drift tap on a dirt road, 10 second slow down and skill chain kept alive.

Full on smash into a corner because a wheel caught the grass and I couldn’t slow down in time? Actually nothing.

Mostly. Not completely. But really the point is to build a habit: clean race - lots of credits/xp. Won’t solve all the problems but might solve some.

I’m a huge fan of clean racing. I even do my best to race cleanly against AI. So I just love this idea.


Great idea that will never be implemented. Sadly, the games developers think ramming and slamming is racing. They even got the AI in on the act. Don’t give me that crap about driving like your friends either, I got real life friends that play and they never intentionally wreck anyone, I never intentionally wreck anyone either, but when we become AI we are horrible.
I’m not even sure 85% of the games player base is aware of the clean racing bonus now, they have been trained to win an all cost, not to enjoy racing, the main goal is to make someone else as miserable as they are.

I think I suggested the same in FH4 (others would have too), and I’d be all for it.
Put a clean racing bonus ticker somewhere discrete, in the speedo or top-right somewhere? Treat it like a score multiplier, other games do it, hell FH does it with skills already for skill point collection.
“Clean racing skill bonus: +1%…+100% XP/or/Credits”.
Give people an incentive, early on when credits and XP are more sought after, and they might just pay attention and learn some good habits. Might.
It wouldn’t work as an incentive once someone’s been playing for so long they have 100’s of millions of credits and almost all the cars, but hopefully they’d learn about clean driving being beneficial before then.

edit: I wont lie, there’s still the odd time I get a little ragey at the AI and plough at max throttle into a wall on a corner either to demolish the drivatar or catch up on that corner, but it’s rare and only out of anger/frustration at glitchy over-stimulated AI. Clean racing is by and large much better for results, I’m sure that’s hard to appreciate until you try and race clean and so players well at the ‘casual’ end of the spectrum never might unless an incentive presents itself.

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Define clean racing. What happens when a skilled rammer doesn’t ram you but instead overtakes you and slows down on purpose and forces you to ram them? This is fairly easy to do when you have a slightly faster car.

I don’t think it would clean up the racing much but I have no issue with higher bonuses.

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Anything better promoting clean racing in FH6 would be amazing.