Inconsistent tire wear (SP vs MP)

And your point was…?

You don’t need to do the whole race with soft compound since medium are grippiest than sport and street tires, is it so “hard” to get?


Whatever, buddy.

Speaking of X, happened across you on Monday evening when our Club was raiding Featured.

Right after I was bigging you up as this hotlapping demon who’ll beat us all, you stack the AMR into the wall at Maple :sweat_smile:

But yes, the Softs have hilariously bad tyre wear on the AMR. I reckon it’s the increased g-force the car produces.

The thing is street & sport tires are in PI balance with meds because that’s the stock grip level on which the race tires are rated on.
Softs are giving a grip boost at no PI cost making them overpowered.
That’s why they are the meta in Rivals, SP, private MP & qualifying.


And in e-d class u are forced use very few meta cars with op stock engines, since u can’t put engine swap if u are forced to use race tyres. I understand “close racing” but in e class race tyres make race rly slow and boring lol.


I see. Hopefully we eventually get a wear multiplier setting. It’s one of the things stopping me from hosting private lobbies.


Boring is tiptoeing around corners, not running a momentum car.

Race tires should be best.

Voted, probably a :roll_eyes: gesture. But I Voted just like in real politics. Every vote counts :wink:.

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PI system should balance

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Take slicks vs sport to Le Mans, tell me who wins.

Is it not “balance” for grip heavy cars to be faster on shorter, technical tracks? Or do you just want to be able to win everywhere on grooved tires?

I get your point, race tyre cars should be faster on handling tracks, that’s obvious, but on medium compound, that on balanced tracks have similar pace to Sport tyre, soft compound is just too fast to be used as race tyre.

But race tires should be faster than grooved.

@T10ManteoMax I guess u did not even read my topic and merged it with topic about something completely different LOL nwm I’m about done with this game anyway :coffin:

Apologies, both looked to be on the same wear rate topic. If players do want to see a fix or a change though please be sure to use FM Report New Issues or Gameplay

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On technical track, medium is already faster, soft just make it even more faster. The problem isn’t race tires, soft compound is. As it said above, you increase your grip for no pi cost, this is a problem when you can do a whole race on soft without having to pit.

You can consider the ability of doing a whole race on soft like driving a s804 car vs a800 for other compounds, is it fair ? No. Because even if it’s impossible to have a 100% balanced pi system, here you can’t tell me soft tires is balanced against other compounds

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I don’t see how that’s a problem, at all.

That’s a problem because the pace on soft compound is definitely the faster way to go if you can do the whole race with. You can easily win a several second each lap. Probably more.

If race was longer, it would put a strategy on which compound of race tires use. And the gap you win each laps because softer is faster would be used for reduce the loss of time when you pit.

But here taking soft compound because the game allow you to do the whole race with isn’t a strategy, that’s just taking advantage of what the game allow you to do for going faster, like using 20" rims

Not a problem, IMO. It’s better that slicks are faster, and softs lasting as long as they do is fine.