Include the member's name in the reply

For the sake of clarity, I think it’d help immensely to have the member’s name included in the reply. As it is now, it’s fragmented and confusing, especially when there are several posts between the initial comment made by a member and then the reply made from another member. To make matters worse, it becomes exponentially more confusing as threads are merged, so we end up having quite a few separate discussions from several members all lumped together without the ability to decipher who was replying to whom.

In many forums, the initial member’s statement will automate and be just above the comment made by the person replying, which makes following along as the reader very easy and clear. I know this could potentially clutter a thread though, especially when long posts are copied before the reply, but we should at least have some way of being able to identify who a person is replying to, and, ideally, which particular comment they are referencing.

I understand that we have the option to click on all or part of a comment and select “quote” to do the same thing, but this is rarely done, so it isn’t the solution here.

It depends on which reply users use. The reply arrow on the right side below the post count replies to the entire thread. But when a user clicks Reply below a post, it counts as a direct reply to that post. You’ll see the original poster’s gamertag in the upper right corner of the reply and can click it to jump to that referenced post.

Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the 2 different reply locations as well as what they’re designed to do, however, many times I’ve replied to direct comments, yet there’s still no mention of the person I was replying to. Even if it DID work 100% of the time as designed, (which is most certainly doesn’t), it wouldn’t change the fact that the way it is now lacks continuity and clarity for the reader. I’ve never seen a forum where the reader was expected to click on the previous member’s name to reference a comment in order to know what the current poster is commenting on.

@T10ManteoMax, my last post was made by clicking “reply” from your post, yet there’s no indication of it.

test - yeah, it was working but seems to have stopped

It does some times, but not often, at least from my experience.

@WindsweptDragon, it didn’t work in the above one either, which was in a direct reply to your post.

Ok, I’ll stop now.

That one worked.

i looked back at older posts too, seems like the reply ‘icon’ thing has vanished from those too as didnt see any on a quick look

edit - lol this ones working too now.

if i go back and edit my message in the edit window it shows its a reply to your post Screenshot - 40a1b3fffccf680109b469e9fddd9178 - Gyazo

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Note that it shows up when the reply isn’t the next immediate post.

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