Inaccurate Rewards Points for FH4?

Curious if anyone else has a lot of stuff missing on their rewards points for FH4. It shows I own 0/10 properties, have 0/100 Driver Level, and discovered 1/300 roads even though I own all but the last 2 houses (both castles), have level 112, and got the achievement for discovering every road in the game. Out of the 2 Forza games I own, only FH4 has mismatched stats, FM6 works just fine.

Forza Rewards can take a lot of time to update. You just gotta wait.

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I know it can take time to update but it’s been like this for a month while other stats in other games (like Motorsport 6) have updated within the same day, that seems abnormal.

Okay update, the Rewards page still is showing the same stats even though it’s been way over a month now and both FM6 and FH3 (which I’ve gotten since I made this post and only just started this week yet it’s already way higher than FH4 at 1045 vs 276) are updating basically the same day. FH4 is clearly broken.

What it shows on Rewards vs the current Stats in-game:

Car Masteries: 0/50 vs 1 (not sure the exact number since it’s not shown in stats but I know it’s at least 1 since my main car is maxed out)
Days Played: 1/50 (This one is accurate assuming it goes off “Time Driven”)
Gamerscore: 520/1000 vs 590/3000
Miles Driven: 14/2000 vs 1,830
Roads Discovered 1/300 vs 530/531
Cars Owned: 1/100 vs 312
Driver Level 0/100 vs 300 (100 + 1 Star)
Horizon Story Chapters Completed: 0/15 vs 25
Properties Owned: 0/10 vs 12/13
Ultimate Passes: 0/50 vs 39

Unfortunately, it’s a “known issue” that is yet to be resolved.

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My car masteries haven’t updated since August

I have the same problem but in FM7, it hasn’t updated the stats in years.

Been playing FH4 for a few days now. Got 1 star and at lvl30 something now. Stats don’t still update. Looks this issue been going on for a few years now and dev’s don’t fix it. :open_mouth: Neither is it updated for Forza Horizon 5. So they don’t get no bonus anymore.

Sometimes stats don’t update in the Forza Hub…I had the same thing for FM7 where it only updated Gamerscore and nothing else. The Forza Hub has all but been retired now anyway and will be removed permanently in a couple of months.

And, yeah, the Forza Horizon 5 bonuese were cars given at the start of the game for previous games played.

I ran into a post about what is going on. Shame how the hub is being retired and inactive in mid of this year. Guess us Fh4 won’t get no more monthly rewards once thats down.

Yeah, it’s surely a simple thing to fix as all the data are readily available. Mine’s a mix; FH and FH3 are complete; FM5 and FM6 stopped counting just short of 100%; FH2, FM7 and FH4 never updated most categories. Only Gamerscore updated for all titles.

A couple things to try for fun,…

If on PC. grant Game Bar, XBox Live, XBox Console Companion & XBox PC. App. offline & back ground permissions.

Then see if maybe your stuff syncs up.

This sounds like something blocking the syncing system for stats. & achievements.

Offline permissions option is in settings in the Microsoft Store.

Back ground app. permissions are in Windows settings under Apps.,… go to the app. on the list, and click “advanced options” you will find it there.

Everyone with the issue registered with XBox Insider’s Hub by chance???


EDIT: You can also reset app. data, and/or repair these apps.