In Need Of Drift Friends

What’s up guys. My name’s Zack (WaK). I am on older drifter and ran Slide America back during the “primes” of Forza 1 & 2. I am in need of friends who drift and act “professional” as opposed to acting like a child and playing “demo derby”, etc. I run a 240SX (600HP) and a 22B(500HP), so I generally focus on style over speed. Anywho, I am back and running Slide America (S*A) once again, and although I have no members yet, I am always looking for drifting teams and friends to meet up with. If you’re interested, please add me via XB1. My GT: OoW4KoO Also, if you are reading this and would like to try out for Slide America, add me on XB1 and we can set up a tryout. Thanks for reading this…WaK.