In memories of good old time! TIME EXTENDED race style

Hurry! Time’s Running!!!

I’ve tried to recreate what was racing game looong time ago.

On a nice custom track, with your best B car, try to complete 3 laps before the end of the timer. Timer extend at each checkpoint by 5s and 80s on the finsh line
Faster you are, faster the score should be :slight_smile: (Not sure that this last rule is working)

Hurry, Time’s running
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new score calculation taking into account collisions with static objects (penalty of 5000 points) and with destructible objects (small penalties depending on the violence of the impact)

Hurry, Time’s up V3
ShareCode : 887 621 736

Be aware that is not so easy to finish
My score 140300pts with golf '92 (can be beaten!)


Sounds interesting. Will try later on tonight.

Just tried it. Awesome circuit. Played it 3 times. Best I could do was 138k and I was driving fairly decently. I didn’t quite grasp the point system as how is this different to just recording the players total time? Very cool though. This circuit should be an official circuit and I would be happy to play something like this on the seasonal playlist as the circuit is not only awesome but it has a replayability factor to it.

Hi @anonyyymous ,

Thanks for trying it and for your comment. Glad you liked it.
Yes, you are right, the points system is not what I’m most happy with. It is based on the time difference between checkpoints with a factor, and a point bonus for each finished lap. But I’m not totally sure it works perfectly. I definitly need to improve it.
the layout of this track is cool, it’s the one I use to set up my class B tunes. short turns and slightly vicious straights :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s possible but I would reduce points based on collisions. That way the faster you go the more points you get but equally the more chance you have to lose points through collisions.

Yes, it’s a good idea, the rules are sometimes strange, especially when it comes to collisions. But I’ll give it a try.

For my best tester :slight_smile: @anonyyymous

Done !
the finishing lap gives 10000pts, 1000pts for each checkpoint (+bonus for the time between each checkpoint depending on the speed), collisions with static objects decrease the score by 5000pts, collisions with destructible objects decrease the score by the collision force in Nm (so, not too punitive penalties for destroying some bushes or road signs)

Hurry! Time’s up V3
sharecode : 887 621 736

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Nice I’ll try it next time I’m on

Just tried it and the collision feature is a nice addition but doesn’t make too much difference. The best thing about this blueprint is the route itself. It’s sooo good.

Dang, all racing games were like that. I’ll be giving this a go for sure :sunglasses::+1: