In game credits FIX THIS ASAP

I have not received my credit’s for doing countless races on full Nurburgring (50 laps) (3XVIP mod) ( unbeatable) none of the assists was on super easy and was in my car ?

How many threads do you want to start on the same issue
Try reading some of the other multitude of threads on the same issue too

I just completed the survival of the fastest achievement, which put my credits up to 1.3 million. Started another race with the extra long laps on it, finished that race and got up to 1.4 million credits. In between races i did not buy anything. When i went to buy some mod packs i noticed i only had 640k credits. Where did my credits go?

Did you happen to level up and choose the cars
They arent always free and some cost 1.1 million with the 400k discount