Improving Team morale

I think its important when doing team events like the trial, tour and maybe the playground games, to keep up the team morale especially if some of the team are struggling, so I looked through the link phrases and found a couple that offer encouragement there is one that says “Good job team!” to encourage the team and another that says “Relax you are doing fine!” if someone is struggling, so I have them and use them during the races to boost team morale and show that I am a true team player and I have found it does help and sometimes its good to share the wins in the tour and not try to be in first place every time.


I think I may have shut those off in whole or in part…

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Same here.

Nice thought from OP in theory but in practice Forza Link like the emotes is just used to be obnoxious most of the time.


Team Morale? LMAO, I quit and join Trial for next Team. Too little time to worry about non-existent things like “Team Morale” in casual game like FH5.


There are lots of casual game come with something to help the team play.

In need for speed hot pursuit 4v4 mode people driving in formation. (Yes like flying fighter jet)
We help each other charge NOS > Switch position and let other player slipstream > swtich again
Or put 1 or 2 players cover our Leader for protect him from police.

I drive with many unknown people and many of them able to understand this tactic without any communication

The basic things like “give score to team play action” is not in forza
Clean racing with teammate score etc

Any teamplay shooter/coop come with these type of score thing.
Only forza are not putting any system in the game.

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Well, it’s for sure to be the purpose of the Trials and Team based PVP, but others think more like « nah, I’m too lazy for that », or « teamwork in a racing game ? Are you mad ?!? », and even « I’m better than everyone, teammates are just obstacles that I can neutralize by slamming them against barriers ». Otherwise, teams would have tactics If they have good morale

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I can honestly say it seems to work, I sort of appoint myself as team leader and send those massages and find that ramming occurs less and people do try harder too, so I think its appreciated.


Well I am just trying to show there are positive people out there, and not all negative with disrupting gameplay for others and I am about helping others too, I will often do the trial several times after I have completed it and got the prize, to try and help others win it and get the prize.


Being a ‘positive’ person in the Trial doesn’t require any special effort, you drive cleanly and drive well, that’s all there is to it.

Dave half the people playing this game probably don’t even know what morale is, it’s nothing more than coincidence or the placebo effect on your side.

Good players will be good players regardless, clowns will be clowns.


QFT… sadly… still, I appreciate Dave’s effort and optimism. A small light in the darkness.


Certainly does no harm. That said, if you are having to encourage people in Tour mode, then something is going a bit wrong. The drivatars are way too easy in that mode - it definitely needs a “hard” option to give it a element of challenge.

I agree but would say they should allow you to select the Drivatar level in tour and then you get placed in a lobby with people who have chosen the same level, but for anyone Tour is a good training mode for doing the trials and I would encourage the less able drivers to use it as such to at least learn the value of team play.

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t actually read the messages whilst I’m driving so they are pointless.

If you’re having to encourage it at all in any mode something is wrong.

Playing a game properly should be the bare minimum, even more so when you’re co-operating with other human players.

There’s a difference between ‘less able’ and simply not caring, people aren’t going to bother improving when they know eventually they’ll luck out in the Trial and get a team that isn’t disrupted by their nonsense and carries them to the 10pts.

Sorry and I don’t mean it as any sort of attack on your ideas but just like Sir iLex’s thread about something similar some time ago it’s pure idealism, the game’s general player base makes it so that these kinds of ideas while admirable are just a waste of time believing they will work to any worthwhile scale in reality.

It will work on the odd person here and there but it isn’t going to be some sort of epiphany for the average FH player, if they were interested in driving properly they wouldn’t ram teammates or go flying into corners in the first place, you don’t need to have played a single racing game in your whole life to know those 2 things are just stupid and aren’t what you’re supposed to do in one.

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Yes I have noticed there is a certain knuckle dragger mentality to a lot of the players who play FH, take those suggesting that daft koot idea for the eliminator they are self righteous in they imagine they are doing no harm by playing that way, I expect they play in such a way to compensate for something they lack in real life so have to take it out on others in games where there is no fear of any harm coming to them from doing so.


Oh my good, we have found a world Champion, a mix of mother Teresa of gaming and self-declared Morale Militia Leader. Probably it’s absolutely not a way to compensate for something he lacks in real life.

I really love this post, I didn’t laugh like this since long time…since my last sucessful KOO probably.

Keep it up !!!

Did somebody say something? lol

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A new laughing fit. This last argument is probably one of yours most sophisticated and convincing. please don’t stop.

Must have been some nonentity Lol