Improve Event Lab Tools

I wanted to create an obstacle course like the ones in GTA but it's not possible in FH5. I want to make it work so that if you fall off the track, you get respawned at the last checkpoint you crossed. By default if you get close to a checkpoint & you miss it, it will spawn you near the checkpoint that you missed.

This breaks the challenge because it spawns the cars in a location that takes them off the track because I built the track in the air There should be an option to spawn them at the last checkpoint to ensure that the car is on the track. It also makes the challenge better by making it so they have to reach the next checkpoint to complete that section.

There is also no way to make a "fail" area so that if they fall off the track it guarantees that they will be respawned. I was going to try build the track over water so that if they fall in the water it resets them to the last checkpoint. The problem is that cars get respawned if they go too far out into the water. So I can't even use that as a hack.

I also wanted to make "rails" that the cars would have to balance on. I tried to use different objects but none of them seem to be well suited for that. I think the wall pieces are a good width but the game has invisible collision boxes that don't let you drive on top of the walls.