Important-Must read for Turn 10

I am fully aware what im about to say needs to be seen by Turn 10.

I play online alot and i wont be alone in pointing out that the circuits are the one area that needs changing dramatically… Too many cars not enough circuits. Who really wants to drive a Ford Fiesta around the Circuit de Catalunya, a track purely designed to put Formula 1 cars on the absolute limit. Makes no sense. And why the big circuits? Tracks like Castle Combe, Cadwell Park, Knockhill, Croft etc. which are small but very technical are by no means at a premium in the UK and the rest of the world. Lime Rock, for instance, was a terrific addition. Australia has some of the best small circuits in the world. Its not necessary to force Abu Dhabi on me when a mighty little Barbagallo Raceway exists and I also imagine it would be cheaper too for Turn 10 as these circuits come with a much smaller licensing fee.

Side note. A penalty for using the line assist is essential. It makes drivers perfect which means people like myself who turn it off either have to know the correct braking point on every corner for every car or we become immediately uncompetetive. Maybe a weight penalty is all thats needed but assists in general shouldnt go unpunished.

Thats all

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