Import cars from Horizon 2

Hey, guys!

Just discovered that this beautiful game is available on PC. I’ve heard about Forza a long time ago and I knew there’s my favorite car – Golf 2 GTI.
Luckily, Horizon 3 is available on PC as well, but Golf 2 GTI is available only in Horizon 2 (lol as usual). Is there a way to import this car to Horizon 3 or maybe I could somehow launch Horizon 2 on a PC?

No. Unfortunately not.

FH3 has no license for any Volkswagen car.

And FH2 is not available on Win10.

And when it says Import cars it means that you can Import the Paint jobs or Setups only. The car model would have to be in the game already which, as stated above, it is not.

Ah, I see… thanks for reply guys! Very sad, but hopefully things will change when the next version of game is released :slight_smile:

VW is already back in FM7.

Most likely in FH4 too.

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