ImaRobots Photozone | A Change of Heart [12/11]

Where ever your driver is heading, I wish him the best. :slight_smile: Now with that said what is my favourite. After a couple moments looking, I have settled on this shot.

Amazing work!

Lovely shots throughout, shot number 5 from your latest set is my fave but it all oozes quality.

I don’t know how you make some of these shots but they’re all amazing but this one is absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the great work.

The Kenmeri (how do you get that car?!), the R34 and the 720S set are my favourite.
Hell, throw in the first shot of the R8, too! Your R34 shot inspires me to play with lighting more, so interesting!

Just a quick update for my Autumn Contest entry.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I’m fairly certain its available from the Autoshow to be honest. Thanks, glad you like it. I don’t experiment that much but that one left me wanting to try it out more often.

My favourite part of your contest entry is the layout. While the colours and lighting are both bonuses.

Hi Mr ImaRobot.! Apologies for the late response and thanks for the comments & on GTP. I have seen most of your shots already ! I have always liked your crisp style and look forward to seeing more from you. :grinning::+1: Cheers torque99

I purchased Black Ops 4 about a week ago and didn’t think I would be so hooked on it, to be honest. I went in skeptical but was pleasantly surprised, so I’ve been a bit…distracted.

Thanks :slight_smile: I tried to make it as colorful and vibrant was the goal, so glad it was portrayed that way!

No worries, I knew you’ll get to it when you get to it. Thanks for the comments and I’ll be seeing you on both sides I’m sure lol.

Don’t worry about giving FH4 a break since it’s ok. After all everyone has to take a break from FH4 sometime. Take RDR2 for instance. Quite a few members will be looking at such a title. While for others there is future games or updates that interest people. For myself I need to return to GT Sport sometime since the game is getting another update and well I am a bit behind with the credit grinding.

And for other games. Since I have been with the Battlefield franchise since BF1942. The new Battlefield is on my list of games to buy with a few others that will hopefully be picked up in 2019.

If I’m honest as well, I binge played it so I had to take a break for the better. Didn’t want to kill the game for me. You’re definitely right though, there is a multitude of good games coming out within the next two months that have my attention. With that said I’m going to keep my updates down to maybe 2-3 a week. Black Ops 4 is only the most recent game I picked up, and I know for sure I’ll be getting more probably the end of the month, but theres something about just going back to Forza for a cruise with some nice music, and taking some photos along the way. That never gets old as long as I don’t overdue it.

Killer shots!

So Upon hearing the news that Flickr was going to be going through some significant changes, I got extremely discouraged to continue doing any shots of any games considering I was well above the 1000 photo limit. After some thought I changed my mind and have recently got back into the mood. I also stopped using the XBOX DVR feature since it significantly washes out the photos compared to using the actual in-game uploader. I’m a bit sad that I’ll be losing the 4K resolution, but at least it matches much more closely with what I vision in game.

Here’s a bit of my recent favorites since my time gone.

I’m loving the last three shots!

I’m also really irritated with Flickr. I had 4700 photos on my Flickr and I’m now down to 229. I deleted the ones I wanted rather than Flickr choosing for me.

Love the colours in this. Scenery doesn’t get posted enough in this forum

I love the composition and saturation in shot number 1. :slight_smile: