Imarobot's Photozone | 10.18.14 V12 Zagato

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I have taken, and posted quite a few photos on another forum, but for now I’ll just pick my favorites from them. Anything after that will be full sets.

I have plenty more on my Flickr :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by

All amazing pictures, but these two really stand out to me, great stuff!

Thanks for that Zedzillaaa!

Fantastic! Also love the Subie set!

Beautiful shots! Really loving that RX-7 in the rain

Thanks! I actually like that one the most, if anything its a bit overexposed, but still my favorite.

Browsing around the forum, I really need to step my game up! all of my shots so far have just been random shootings with no real thought or idea really. Hopefully I can get down to business and really plan something out.

The two RX-7 shots are stunning Robot! The first one looks like something you would see on the cover of a drifting game.

I decided to revisit the RX7 as I wanted to do an individual set for it. It has got to be one of my all time favorites. Not necessarily a dream car as its not like they are unobtainable for a person like me, but it is a car that is definitely high on my list.

Thanks alot for that! Glad you liked something here haha

^first shot is a winner for me!




Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Thanks for stopping by Morc, I’ll hopefully have more later today.

My fave shot!

So many fantastic shots, keep up the fantastic work!

I agree the first shot is my fave but they are all awesome, excellent work.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! That one seems to be popular, I was wondering if maybe I used to much color, but glad its liked :slight_smile:


These are two insanely good shots. The one Mikke quoted is another great one.

+1, Stunning close ups sir, and love the color too.

I actually got time to go around and check out some galleries today, but ran out of time before i was able to check all that I wanted :frowning: Hopefully around lunch I can finish that up :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I had actually bumped up the color to 100, and it came out alright so I kept it. The car itself was painted the Midnight Purple based from the R34 GTR, so the sunrise made for some pretty colors when it reflected.

Thank you!