I'm making the plunge.

Hey forum!

I’m going to make the plunge and finally grab myself a Xbox One and Forza 5. But I would like to ask a couple of questions.

  1. Where would you recommend getting a Xbox One with Forza Motorsport 5?
  2. I’m thinking about getting the Limited Collectors Edition, but is it worth getting?
  3. What is currently available to buy from the marketplace for Forza Motorsport 5? What DLC etc…
  4. Is there anything else I should pick up?

Thank you for your time, hope to see you on 5!

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Im not sure the best place to buy the two but you cant go wrong with gamestop. I have the LE forza and the season pass and im very glad i got both. It always keeps it exciting with new cars coming out each month and i cant complain that the DLC cars are faster than what i have since i have them all.

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I bought my gear from Best Buy and had free shipping. They usually do free shipping on large orders if you were thinking of going that route.

I also have the Limeted Edition and Season Pass. I definitely say it’s worth and I enjoy the VIP perks.

At the moment I believe their are 4 car packs available as well as the Road America car pack which is included if you buy the season pass. The Road America track itself came as an update rather than DLC.

I personally recommend buying the Plug and Play kit, it’s much cheaper than buying batteries in the long run.

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It doesn’t really matter where you get it price should be the same wherever. I would check and see if best buy or future shop has a deal on for packages that come with an extra game or controller. Your going to want the plug and play kit or get rechargeable batteries if you are getting more than one controller.

I don’t have season pass or VIP or LE. While there are a few cars on the dlc that I wouldn’t mind trying out, for me I’m happy not having every car as there is still a good variety to choose from without the DLC. The road America track was a free dlc, not sure that if they do release more tracks they still be free in the future. Personally I don’t think I’ll spend more money on cars, but tracks I likely would.

watch neogaf. they had a short lived sale thru the microsoft store today. the promo code was one and they had the titan bundle for 499-100(the 1 promo code) for a total of 399 with free shipping. if you didn’t want titan fall i’m sure somebody would trade you the game for a copy of forza and if you did want the game you can get forza for less than 100. you can probably get a used copy of forza for 50 and have the season pass for 50.

According to Major Nelson US purchasers should be able to get a digital copy of Forza 5 included in the purchase of an Xbox One starting this week: Coming soon – purchase Xbox One in the U.S. and get Forza Motorsport 5 - Xbox Wire

The LCE is basically Forza plus VP and some tokens. Seeing as though you’re going to get the regular version included with the console (assuming you’re in the USA), don’t bother with the LCE unless you want the physical disc and case because you’re a collector :slight_smile: Use the money from LCE to buy the VIP pack and Season Pass if you like the look of the cars in the packs released so far.


if anyone in the uk is thinking about buying an xbox one gameseek will be selling the fifa bundle for 299 pounds later this week. they’ll be selling titanfall for 30. http://www.gameseek.co.uk/video-gaming-news/598/xbox-one-and-titanfall-price-drops-imminent-at-gameseek not sure of the price of fm5. but i’m sure you can find a copy of fm5 somewhere with the money you’ll save.

Thank you everyone for the replies though I did forget to mention that I’m from the UK, my fault.

I waited a while and purchased:

Amazon UK - Xbox One w/Titanfall(Bundle) £366
Game UK - Forza Limited Edition (Steel book) £60

Should all be here within a weeks time and I look forward to seeing you all on there!