I'm Looking to Form a Race Team

I’m looking to form a Race Team for Forza 6. We will be competing on a Website. They have Series Racing and Endurance Events as well. I’m looking to form a Team, no larger then 10 Drivers. Any Country can Join.

What is the website? Do you have a link for it?

Tell me more.

Please telll more about the plans. I am from Brazil, my fast laps use to be under the 1% faster but far from the top 10 yet. Have interest to be part of a team. please give more information

Sorry guys i didn’t know how to do a Muilti Quote Post. The Website that has the Races are, Tora Online Racing. If you Google that it’ll show up for you. These Races on that Site. They have Team Championship Standings and Solo as well. We would need to come up with a Team Name. The Team Members will Practice, what ever Track is for the coming week… Tune our Cars and such. My Gamertag is, STALLIONO Hit me up

The Website is here:

Hmmm interesting.

All of you are interested, in forming a Team. Please add me on Xbox…