I'm looking for players to take part in a 3 hour long event

Me and a friend are running 3 hours of the Nurburgring (With the GP) this Saturday starting at 9 PM Europe GMT 2.

The event will have fuel consumption and tyre wear but no car crash damage, so there will be a lot of pitting happening but bumping into a barrier isn’t the end of the world.

You are free to bring almost any car (See the ban list) in any class you like as this is more of an endurance test and for fun driving rather than to race, you are however allowed to go almost as fast as you can or just cruise along, whichever suits you. Just keep in mind that you will potentially have to lap and overtake slower cars, you are not alone on the track so pushing an X-Class car through a blind corner at full speed is risky, and remember to pit once in a while so you don’t become a track obstacle.

Make sure you have time to spare, it isn’t fun for anyone if you just randomly drop out of the event. Also make sure to drive something you will enjoy and can control. A comedic car or absurd car may be funny for a little while but you are gonna have to put up with it for the full event, and if your car is too much and you can’t control it then use a milder car, this event is for fun so there is no shame in taking it slow.

Track morals apply. No ramming, overtake when it’s possible, let faster cars pass, try to not cause any potential blockages on the track, and if you are the cause of someone elses crash make sure to wait for them.

Ban list: Isetta, Limousine, and the racing lorry.

We will be using a text only Discord group chat so PM me your Discord ID on Xbox or post it here.