I'm looking for 3 Drivers to fill a Team

I’m looking for 3 Drivers to fill a Team for a Series. I also, need a Painter as well. The 4 of us, will come up with a Team name and colors. Anyone interested please let me know.

I would say you probably want to add what the team is for. You dont want a GT driver for a NASCAR series for example

It’s for GT Racing. I’m sorry i forgot to add that in. Are you interested?

Not at this time. I am looking to get back into more forza racing. Just want to see how the penalty system goes when it come, and what my club does this fall when people are back inside

Interested, message me on Xbox @thrive Nephi

If in ± GMT time I’m keen

I’m currently thinking about joining a league/group, but not too sure if I want something serious, semi-serious, or just casual, but some more information would be helpful, such as if you have a time in mind and the timezone, and some more information would be helpful too.
You can reach me on Xbox Live my gamertag is my username: LegoNinja187