---Im enjoying the game but.... i hope the DEVS would at least read this---

The multiplayer is lacking in features,

im on PC now so this might be different for the xbox users but its such a headache having to minimize the game look at friends lists invite or join someone for a custom game, just let us search anything thats public.

Anyway im coming from gran turismo 5 and 6 and coming from a ps3 game the muliplayer is still miles ahead of forza. For example everyone can test cars on the track before a race or everyone just drags or drifts, people can come as they go, test tunes, change cars, maybe this will change in the future i dont know, but as of right now with out a strong multiplayer im already getting a little tired of forza already.

Also coming from PC of course i use steam and steam has a nice overlay when you bring up friends, dont need to minimize the game, you can also join peoples game without an invite so as long as there not in a private game.