im currently playing forza 2. because its all i can afford.

So yea. I’m playing forza 2 and I was just wondering if anyone out there still has thier save from when they played it and would gift me some cars. My gamertag is d1rtysouthbossx

It depends on what you want. I can gift some cars, but I’ve not unlocked all of them.

The servers for gifting and the AH were closed some time ago - unfortunately you will have to work on the cars yourself as there is no way for anyone to send them to you. Sorry.

Oh of course. I completely forgot. Really sorry… :frowning:

Double post

To get cars, it’s easy.

You just have to work on career, and, slowly but surely, you’ll get cars. You get cars when you finish an event, which is a series, basically. I’m enjoying the cars they gave me; you also do partnership with dealers every time you level up; cars get unlocked; if you level up on a certain zone, you get sales on most of the cars from that zone.

If you are still about,I will post tunes and all you need is a mercedes clk-gtr with all race mods and works and the rest will fall into place,can be raced in Auto or Man

Forza 2 and 3 are fantastic games, forget whether you can afford the newer installments in the series or not.

Sadly all the support for 2 seems to have been pulled, which leaves me no chance of getting the last two achievements for it. Not that I have 2 anymore, anyway; at some point I heard about a version of 2 that came with everything, the Platinum Hits version(?), and so I let the normal copy I had go, in hopes of quickly replacing it. Before that could happen, 3 rolled around and I picked up that, instead. Later on I let go of my standard version of 3 and picked up the Ultimate Collection version.

I do still intend to pick up that other version of 2, some time or other… Knowing my luck, it’ll be worthless; whatever comes with it that wasn’t in the version I had will have been DLC, which will no longer be available, or something, I almost bet.

EDIT: The Ultimate Collection version of FM3 comes with an extra disc with everything on it and then some, plus I think a card with a code that can be redeemed to download the last car pack (Stig’s?); the Platinum Hits(?) version of FM2 is also supposed to come with a disc like this, with numerous bonus cars added.

Though I have an Xbox One, I recently picked up the ultimate edition of Forza 3 for $12 which has most of the dlc cars on disc, and Forza 2 standard edition for $8. Fully intend to play through Forza 3’s career and a little bit of Forza 2 here and there.

I am playing Forza 2 and having a great time.
What I do I play with the cars I am given and won only. I don’t purchase a car.

I will upgrade the car only within it’s class. So if I have an B class car, I will upgrade it only so that it stays within the B class rating.
I then race only races that have a B class car in it. If I have a A class car but can race in a race that has no A class car, then I don’t race in it.

My biggest challenge is getting the gear setting so that I can compete effectively.

That seems to me like the best way to start things out. Play until you no longer get trophy cars, and use the hell out of them. Save the money, spending it only on parts.

Then you go into the event list and see if there are events you can’t run because you don’t have a car legal for that event—and go buy that car, and the parts to make it competitive in the class required for that event, and then run it. Rinse, repeat, until all one-make/other car-limited events are done.

After those two “steps” are done, you should have tons of money to spend on the cars you really want, and the parts to run them the way you want.

I’ve generally followed this approach to the Forza titles since 2. The first game made it a bit tricky, since you didn’t have PI to go by; it could be time-consuming to narrow down what parts would put you where you wanted to be, class/“PI”-wise. I don’t remember for sure if 2 had PI shown, but I think it did start in 2…

I have however done something more, when I had the money; put together a build(parts package) and setup(tuning) for each class I felt the car could be competitive in. Meaning, in the later games, I’d build a top-PI B setup, top-PI A setup, etc, up until I couldn’t get to more than 50% PI in class. And even then I’d sometimes go ahead and do it, to see just how "un"competitive it would actually be, against the AI at least.

As I said before, just a little ways further up the page—I still feel like FM2 and FM3 are the best games in the entire franchise. FM1 and FM4 are next up, in 3rd/4th places. 2 and 3 seem to be the most realistic, the most sim-y, without being prohibitively difficult. There is tire and fuel wear, which while maybe not spot-on from car to car, do at least make pit strategy a thing sometimes, which I enjoy. 1 had those things as well, if I remember correctly, but it is showing it’s age… 4, while perhaps being prettier than 1, 2, and 3, does not have any sort of pit strategy to speak of, what with completely forgettable tire and fuel wear, and so falls behind in my “ranking”… And with no XBone, I haven’t touched FM5, but I’m sure from what I’ve heard that I wouldn’t care much more for it than I do for 4…

Also, it’s a damn shame it looks like online function support is now being pulled for FM3…costs for T10 and all aside, it still hurts to see it go, just like it did for FM2. What is next on the chopping block, and when? FM4, or FH1? Only time will tell(, unless someone decides to let us all know ahead of time, in the future)…

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