IM BACK!(DRAMA)(0_0) Making Paints Into Reality! K20z3 Dc2

May Not Be Well Known Do To Going Ghost Sometimes…
To The Ppl That Don’t Know Me I Paint Engine Bays. Can Make Anything My Mind Decide To Focus On.
I Welcome Everyone To My Post. I Promise I Make Your Eyes Play Games With UR Mind Lol.
Here’s A Preview.

Integra Type R K20z3

K20z3 Type R Dc2 by Richard Garcia, on Flickr


S2king Forza 6 Im Back!!! by Richard Garcia, on Flickr

Both Still Under Construction.

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As always mate, your engine bays are incredible! Really impeccable work here, I can’t wait to see more.

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These are really cool and well done.

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Thanks Guys. I Just Gotta Have Some Time To Get These Done :frowning:

S2000 F20c Turbo S2king Got to Detail The Valve Cover
S2king Almost Done. by Richard Garcia, on Flickr

S15 Ueo Drift Speed The One Everyone Is Waiting For.
!(http://:open_mouth: Ueo S15 Drift Speed by Richard Garcia, on Flickr)

S15! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

that’s sick