I'm already put off by FM6

If you seriously can sit there, 100% and say there is nothing in FM5 that left you feeling sad, well, congrats. You ARE the problem.


Awww…did the nasty video game make you sad?
Not everyone is a computer expert who looks down on those that dare admit to liking FM5 as it is. Pull your head in sunshine. Go back to spruiking Project Cars.


hit a nerve by the looks. Go take a long walk off a short plank.

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I knew what to expect with Forza 5 when I bought it. Sure, it’s not perfect but I still really like the game. Maybe stop expecting more from a game then you know you’re realistically going to get?


I knew what to expect with Forza 5 when I bought it. Sure, it’s not perfect but I still really like the game. Maybe stop expecting more from a game then you know you’re realistically going to get?


Sigh… if only the rest of us could have been as informed as you. Your second sentence contradicts the rest of your thought. When I spend money I have an expectation, this gaming industry is the only industry that gets away with doing things, if they do them at all post purchase. If you buy a racing game don’t you think a distance meter and telemetry should be standard? Cpl’s which were in FM2 should never have been removed, same with clubs etc. None of the aforementioned was disclosed to us before release. Things were very hush hush, and after the fact can see why.

@Shadow doubt it cupcake. Getting a trophy for finishing tenth in a lobby is wrong. Making the dlc cars free and dropping the price on every other car in the game while dumping millions of credits monthly on us is wrong. Creating zero incentive is wrong. But for the ilk of most around here probably is very self serving.

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OK - so, a question for those of you who are “already put off by FM6,” or who are commenting that recent version of Forza have been more and more disappointing:

Is there ANY console game series, with which you are consistently pleased with the successive versions?

Or, rather than it being a case of “Booooooo! Bad Turn 10!” is it more inherent to console games as a whole?

First let me state that I am not “already put off by FM6” as I know nothing about the game as yet.

To answer your question Don, yes, I have been consistently pleased with the GTA series, (admittedly my favorite game on any platform). Each one has been better than the last, without deviating from what makes the game great to begin with. While GTA4 did lack some of the content I enjoyed in San Andreas, it was still an awesome game that I continue to enjoy. GTAV has been absolutely brilliant, and I recently re-purchased it for the Xbone.

The same can’t be said for the COD series, a game I was once as passionate about as Forza. I haven’t played one since MW3, nor am I likely to any time soon. What the next edition of Forza has to offer will determine which category it falls in.

While technically better than most, Forza as a stand alone game is still just OK. What has made it the success it has been is it’s online community. Leagues like Virtual Motorsports, TORA, and their members, have given Forza the life and longevity it has enjoyed. Without this aspect of the game, Forza may well become just another racing game. It will be bought and played only until the next new and interesting game comes out. Then it will be put on the shelf and forgotten like so many others.

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Entirely depends on how one interprets your question Don.

Within context, you have just limited the question to exclusives on either machine.

Uncharted, Banjo, Red Faction, Syphon Filter, Perfect Dark. The more I think about it, the less I am impressed with newer console titles, and cant believe how far back I just started to go…

Is it more inherent on console games. Yes, Absolutely. Its a saturated space with extremely risk adverse suits. Cut and Paste, budgets to big to take any risk. Milk it before you crash it.

The MCC is still broken. Thats the biggest milk cow in the paddock. What a disgrace, and you think people have an issue with forza? Halo has been damaged severely.

But, thats ok cause HALO, GEARS, FORZA.

EDIT: saw this, seems fitting given your question


Halo MCC is not broken anymore. Also, it failed to move consoles and the online is rather dead because the news spread and people avoided it, so it is definitely not ok. They learned the lesson and the Halo 5 Beta turned out nice, hopefully so does the game.

That Ori article is surely a click-bait link. Otherwise the author is an idiot.

I see the point went over your head.

The article is a prime example of the risk adverse nature of current game development.

MS studios created a indie game with the same tried and true formula, then published said game to a platform they already know does not sell indies well.

Honestly I´m struggling to actually understand anything, try other words :stuck_out_tongue:

The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dark Souls, Forza Horizon, Super Mario, Zelda (If you remove the handheld games), Bioshock, Project Gotham Racing, Banjo-Kazooie or even Mass Effect. The last one is open to discussion due to reasons.
I would also say Halo but recent events stop me from doing so. Depends on the 5th game.
Never played Uncharted to the end but the general consensus is that they rarely dissapoint.
There are plenty more, either from franchises I don´t play or ones I can´t really remember.

Similar to movie sequel syndrome? Rarely is the sequel better than the original. It happens, but it’s a losing bet.

Does it matter? This is a FM forum. Yes COD sucks too. Has been on a downward spiral for a while. Madden suffered a similar fate. GT hasn’t really up’d the ante. So we should just be quiet and let it be because well they aren’t as bad as x. Okay enjoy.

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Yes, it matters to me, as I’m curious. That’s why I asked.

My question had nothing to do with “be quiet and let it be…”

Your last sentence infers otherwise. T10 has made some good games in the past. But as of late not so much. I personally think Horizon 2 was better than FM5 and definitely better than the original Horizon.

GTA V has issues yet I see they patch and stay on top of their game more so than T10. Further even with the issues I do not feel compelled to complain because they aren’t a “game beaker”. We all know nothing is perfect. But was has been delivered to us as it pertains to Forza isn’t good in terms of fit and finish. Further in my opinion the direction T10 has gone and will probably continue to travel in is not one for the racer. Must be nice to have zero competition and turn out whatever you like because the alternative is worse. Printing money… the american dream.

Iam happy to see it come out, and your wrong, there is a social hub, alot of people have had the same basic group of friends for years. Alot of people have mastered the tuning, driving ect on forza 5. They will be the ones buying first day release And taking their freinds with them.

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I do think that since the game is technically going to be tweaked, re-painted and content added to it, and so forth, re-canning it, means having to RE-license everything for the new IP. Understanding that losing any license makes a fairly large dent in the content.

Seeing as how I do not know the extent of the licensing agreements that have been made, one might think that, if we were still playing Forza 4, we might still have Porsche.

While this could be seen as a possibility, chances are better, now that we have the ability to resign parts of a game, and create an update to the code, via the internet, if a licensor decided to revoke the privileges, we could technically lose content.

I see this as a possible thing in the future. If Honda were to find that the damage during a video game crash, made it seem like an unsafe vehicle, they might pull their license. This would be more likely in a game that plans to span the entire console Generation.

The upside to having a constantly upgrading game, is content addition. The down side will be lack of testing, constant updating of servers, which means down time for the game play, and over all compatibility issues.

Is it possible, for Turn 10 just to put out a “BASE FORZA” that can have content simply dropped in? Surely. Would people play it? Did you play FM5? Yeah they can do it, and have done it… but they see something that you might not.

Forza sells Consoles.


This does not need to impress anyone here… if you are on this message board, you are all ready to put your $60+season pass into the next iteration of Forza… and you haven’t even seen anything about the game aside from the concept cover art.

The people it is important to… is people that maybe have not played the game since FM2 or FM3… or worse, people that have never played a Forza game. These people need a clue that the game must be fantastic, if it is on NUMBER 6.

Personally, if you are going to work on something like a game, you want to be able to package it for sale, as a complete product. I know that I would like to be able to let people buy my art, knowing that they have the final version. The thing is, I will learn from my experience creating it, and find something more marketable. I may also approach the creation in a completely different way.

Why Paint on canvas, if people will pay more for it on wood?

Personally, I’ve had the most fun with Forza 4. Only reason I still have a X360. The Clubs is what really kept my group playing. It wasn’t in-depth but at least it was something. Also the AH and SF we’re awesome and this whole sharing with everyone thing actually keeps me from sharing anything. I tried it at first but since I made no money whatsoever, it got pointless so I stopped completely. I think overall, people look at feeling rewarded for their hard work more satisfying than getting everyone’s paints and tunes for free. I mean it makes sense though since that’s what this world is coming to. Everyone wants a free handout. But, just like me, more people will see no point in creating and then there will be nothing at all. I mean look at the top paints that they suggest to you already? Seriously? Man they are horrid. I’m not even a good painter and I could do a better job than a chrome car with black wheels and a big NOS sticker on the side.

I don’t agree that Forza should fo F2P because almost every F2P I’ve played, sucked. It was either you had nothing in the game unless you spent $100 or you would lose any competitive games due to not paying real life money for the best stuff. F2P’s to me seem more like a scam and need to stop being made IMO.

I will agree that T10 do need to support the game better post-launch. All they ever seem to do is take 2 years to re-polish the same game and just change up what they are going to sell over time to us as DLC. Yes, they might add a few cars and a couple tracks, but they seem to take away more than they add. Also for anyone saying the DLC isn’t already made and planned pre-release needs to do some research on how long it takes to build a single car from scratch with no prior data. Let alone a whole track.

Let me leave you with this thought. When have they ever added any any body modifications to any of the pre-existing cars? Also, you can’t count the Forza parts that they just change the visual design on every iteration. That isn’t new. It’s just a re-skin. They copy and paste the same data every year and it’s getting old.

I think they need to concentrate on keeping the casuals happy with Horizon and the hardcore happy with the motorsport series. Most of the Forza Faithful will still buy both anyways.

Just my .02


T10 and the Forza franchise are in some ways in a no win situation. Because they’ve been the best at what they do for a decade (racing game for XBox) they attract more than their fair share of criticism regardless of what they do. FM5 whilst it has its weaknesses is still, 18 months on, the best racer on the XB1. Can you imagine the flak they’d attract if they went F2P or even delayed the release like PCars. We should at least give them the opportunity to make FM6 before we critique it :slight_smile: