iHomie OG - The Art of Machine [Jan. 23. 2016]

I really like those Dino pics and obviously the Merc photos are incredible!!!

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. :slight_smile:

Those Merc shots are great! Now if you would just get down off of those tall buildings and take me some more great shots :slight_smile:

  • The Art of Machine -

The Rolls look great but I’m really loving the shots of the Mercury!! There’s something about them that just draws my attention straight to them!!

Well hey there! Haven’t seen you in a while, hope everything is going well :slight_smile:

This is stunning -

Welcome Back :slight_smile:

This one stood out for me from everything else, good work!

So clean!


Even more stance!

Consistently brilliant I’d say! :slight_smile:

Terrific set here! I really like the black and white mood in these sets. Great job!

I wonder what will be featured in the next update.

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