iHomie OG - Firesale - November 28, 2021

Another game, another fresh start. Good to be back and look forward to seeing what people can do with this game. The scenery keeps getting better and better.

Provided my links below for some context if anyone is interested

Forza Horizon 2 Gallery
Forza Horizon 3 Gallery
Forza Horizon 4 Gallery


In Set: New Supra, Race Bronco, Centenario, New Bronco, Sunoco Lola, Formula Drift Supra, Quatro, and Enzo

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Loving the first set, especially the bonnet shot of the Centenario.

As always, yours will be a gallery to watch!

Literal goosebumps from this one - the lighting is on point!

These Bronco shots are lovely too

Can’t go wrong with the mid-century curves of the Lola

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This photo is awesome!!!

Those Lola and Enzo shots are amazing!


Thanks, hoping I can bring my A game

Much appreciated, the Bronco is really growing on me. I’ve been seeing them more and more in person and they look great (especially the 4 door).

Thanks Mario, got a lucky wheelspin with the Lola and just had to get some shots of it

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In Set - Jeep Trailcat, Audi TT, McLaren Speedtail, 458, Jag XJR-15

Thanks for looking


This one just looks so good

Oh yeah this is wallpaper material dude

That first Trailcat shot, sheeesh
Great job with the set overall, loving the closeup shots


Thanks for the kind words. Fully agree with you there on #7, wasn’t fully happy with it but liked enough elements to keep

Thanks RSB, really figuring out how to use the intense red skies lately

Much appreciated! Was going for that group B rally style

Thanks, that’s definitely one of the more unique spots in the game

Thanks DangerGirl, that shot came about very unexpectedly but happy with how it turned out

Better than having no good shots haha

Haha much appreciated Vanna, can’t seem to get away

Thanks TXR, the jungles in this game are unreal for backdrops

Thanks for looking? Thanks for posting! These are more than I’d hoped for from you. Shot 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 10 are just glorious!

I love most of shot 7 but the reflection unfortunately takes away from the overall photo.

This is just perfection

Love this peekaboo shot. And I agree with Filthadelfia (lmao that name) about that shot being perfection.

Sometimes I try to pick favorites, but the quantity of great shots here is overwhelming!

thats what i was going to say! Thats why iHomie is one of the “OG”'s (pun intended) in Forzatography imho :slight_smile:

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In Set - Murcielago, '12 911 GT2, Rimac, '84 CRX, '12 Exige, '20 Defender, Zenvo, 968

'Til next time

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The colours in this are absolutely gorgeous, and the composition is unique but works - awesome shot!