IGN Article: Half of Xbox One players have played of Forza 5

Hi link to the article below, in the article Dan Greenawalt says that “Today half of all Xbox One gamers have played Forza Motorsport 5,” and that 'this week, there are over a million people playing in the Forza universe" He also says “There is a hardcore player in Europe that represents a larger percentage of the population than it does in North America". So looking for options like simulation damage, looking for great wheel options. I think there’s a motorsport culture, especially in Southern Europe, that simply is just different to North America.” “Interestingly, the last customer satisfaction survey the team did in Southern Europe showed that upwards of 30 per cent of players of the Forza Motorsport series were women”

I Found these facts really interesting, I would love to see more info like this given to the community :slight_smile:

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Bundled with Xbox ones.


Don’t think so… I have not seen a lot of bundles in Europe on Day 1 yet most of my 100+ XBL Friends had FM5 on Day 1.

Who said anything about Day 1? Forza 5 has been a goto bundle with XB1 in Australia since they actually started doing bundles. They have pretty much been giving it away with consoles for the last few months.

Not all were, a great deal weren’t.

I bought the LCE of Forza 5 day one with my Day One Xbox One. My console didn’t have a bundle option.

A lot of Xboxs were bundled with Forza in Europe and Aus. Probably elsewhere too. Just because you didn’t doesn’t mean they weren’t.

Nowhere did I say they weren’t bundled at all, I said it wasn’t with mine. I also said, not all were bundled, and that a lot elsewhere , weren’t.

I got forza 5 free with the day one bundle also got fifa

Was bundled in the UK, not sure about elsewhere.

the way to see would be to check the Prague LBs - as the very first thing anyone who plays the game does is drive that track in the Mclaren.


Well, here’s another: when I last checked a couple of days ago, the leaderboard for the P1 at Prague (full circuit) had over two million unique leaderboard postings. Of course, this race is required the moment you start up the game; so, we know at least two million Xbox One users have played Forza Motorsport 5. Quite the feat.

Each Xbox gamertag does not equal one unique user.


True, but inference allows us to reject rare occurrences like the one you have alluded to. This is all part of the concept for statistics

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I guess half of X1 owners are missing out on a great game.

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Great is a bit of a stretch. Some aspects are great and give hope of what’s to come. Other aspects just make you wonder if they really thought things through and were too focused on a particular plan and making things pretty for a killer xbox one launch trailer.

The great games, potentially, are the ones coming within the next year or so.

Those really aren’t of much use six months ago for day one owners of the Xb1.

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To see how many are still playing the game, the LBs for the newer tracks will give a better indication

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It should also be mentioned that the number of markets where the Xbox One is sold will more than double in September. With more European players with the One, lots of them will play Forza (FM5 or FH2) as racing is BIG here. I’m sure it also won’t hurt that FH2 takes place IN Europe.

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I’d agree Shadow Edge, but 37% of people know that 98% of statistics are made up on the spot 73% of the time. ROFL