If and When We Get NASCAR

If and when we get NASCAR, there’s some obligatory liveries we need to appear immediately.

Off the top of my head:

  • Cole Trickle’s #51 Mello Yello car
  • Ricky Bobby’s #26 Wonder bread car
  • Ricky Bobby’s #62 Me car
  • Ricky Bobby’s #26 Laughing Clown Malt Liquor car
  • Jean Gerard’s #55 Perrier car
  • Cal Naughton Jr’s #47 Old Spice car

Are you making them?


Yes I wonder that also, I think prob not.

My 2015 Camaro is Ricky’s Wonderbread car.

Nice, but where’s the butter lol.

But on serious note. Looks rather cool…


The old texico car was always one of my favs

This one?

DAVEY ALLISON by Donnie Hoskins, on Flickr

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If they can turn right I may paint a Nascar