Ideas Wanted! Contests & Events

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post this thread to provide everyone the opportunity to voice their ideas for future contests. Do you have an idea for a contest you’ve wanted to see be officially hosted? Put it here! Be as detailed as you feel necessary with rules, prizes, etc.

Priorities: I would like to put up a Winter Holidays contest on the first of December, and one for New Years near the end of December. If you have ideas for these, please include them!

DREAM BIG! Even if we cannot accommodate all of your idea, chances are we can do something close! If your idea is used, you will be credited!

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Have a simple one, but tricky to verify vs exploits.

Set a speed challenge with a specific car, so a challenge of tuning, who can get the fastest.

Create an overly complex track and challenge for fastest time with unusual vehicles. Say unimogs ripping through Edinburg or ice races with hypercars.

For the latter, I think have a challenge for who can make the best ice race. So over say 50 to 75% on the slippery.

Side note, that is in no way inspired by things currently being worked on…

Edit: Another idea for a contest: Pick locations on the map. Who can come up with best track that thematically uses both. No restrictions on race type outside of those two specific checkpoints.

Photocomp. More fun and easy. “Best photo with a snowman”



Here is an idea, a Photocomp done with the liveries from the week before that won to help get those liveries out into the community!

Photocomp’s with a limited theme like the car must be in forzavista space. Or only Chevy. Or only hypercar group cars. This is an easy way to theme a comp and not run out of ideas. You can also pick a location on the map such as the castle or the quarry, to have a location in the background. Or only in the rain or at sunset or sunrise.


As a painter I like this :slight_smile:

A spin on this would be to pick a different painter each week and any designs from that painter are eligible for photos in this contest. So one week would be Wildkat, the next StuziB etc. It may encourage players to check out a painter’s entire catalogue.


Like it!

Sorry I don’t like this idea at all. I would find that so limiting. That’s why I have no interest in the new FH4 competition.


First, I wanna say I absolutely appreciate this thread. The addition of seasonal contests is great. For livery, photo and track contests.

You could also involve the upcoming content into contests you guys know there will be a Cult-Cars seasonal championship in 2 weeks from now, so you can start a themed contest around this and promote your content and our content at the same time. Just give us a week or two before the date so we can do stuff.

A specific theme I would like is V8 Power.

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Oh… hrm… a contest theme…

One theme for contests I think would be interesting is to have classic muscles in a wide array of races in snow. We can fit the cars for rally, or cross country or road etc. I have a rally gremlin in fact. Why classic american muscle?

“Lead Sleds!”

Prizes… hrm… A santa based prize would be best. A santa horn (the santa laugh which I wrote here originally, but the forum interperated it as a derogatory word :D), santa beard, and then some santa paint jobbed FE on classic american muscle. All related to difficulty on beating it.

Yeah. That would be an amazing championship! Race in the two towns and then Edinburgh. All taking place at night to classic instrumental holiday music. Jingle bells, Frosty, and then Rudolf for Edinburgh.

That will garner some humor for sure. For extra humor, could have playground staff sing them for recording?

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2 simple enough ideas based on existing contests’ formats:

  1. A Vinyl Group contest.
    Have a category for logo replicas (Race) and a category for original artworks (Fantasy).

  2. A Tuning contest.
    Pick a Rivals or Time Attack event in-game as the restriction and people have to tune a specific car for it.


Great idea to ask the community for contest ideas. I’m sure you will get a lot of good contest ideas here, so I want to bring up something a little different that may not otherwise be discussed anywhere. I am friends with some of the better tuners in the game and we’ve had discussions over the years about how tuners are at a significant disadvantage compared to other content creators in the Forza games. For a couple of reasons … (1) in addition to purchasing vehicles, tuners have to purchase upgrade parts to be able to create their content and (2) there are no official contests or real opportunities to have their work featured as there are for other content creators. I understand the reason for no tuning contests … there’s no legitimate or reasonably feasible way to objectively judge tunes. Paints and photos are easily judged because they’re a visual medium. The new Route Creator feature has introduced another type of user-created content to the games, but I can imagine that route contests should be fairly easy to be objectively judged. But user-created tunes are a different beast.

Tuning Contest
So … in an effort to bring a little balance to the rewards and recognition available to tuners compared to other content creators, I have an idea for a tuning contest for the community. Here we go:

  • Contest will resemble other official weekly contests and have similar basic rules (can use any car, must be own work, must be shared in game, must post in appropriate thread, use Tune1 in description, etc.).
  • Contest will be based on number of downloads of entrant tunes by the community over a one-week period. This basis would eliminate the need for anyone either at PG/T10 or from the community to actually have to spend time downloading and running all the entrant tunes. It would also eliminate any potential biases or skill limitations present by having a single judge or small group of judges.
  • Official livery and photo contests appear to award 10 entrants with wins each week. So in keeping with that, award contest wins to the 10 most downloaded tunes within the weekly contest period.
  • Tunes for any driving discipline are eligible … race, rally, drift, off road, etc.
  • In order to ‘level the field’ somewhat, contest entries must be newly shared. This would eliminate advantages afforded to popular tuners by entering already established and publicized tunes. Newly shared tunes would be tunes shared within a one-week period immediately preceding the one-week contest period. This would also allow tuners a one-week period to publicize and promote their tunes however they like before the contest begins (Twitter, social media posts, forum posts, etc.)
  • Contest timeline (example dates/times):

- Day 1/noon – Contest1 announcement post on official forums. Entrants can now share tunes for Contest1 and promote them in the announcement post or however they want.
- Day 8/noon – Contest1 begins and downloads start accumulating at noon.
- Day 15/noon – Contest1 ends and download totals for contest period are counted.*
- So based on the sample timeline above, each contest period is two weeks in total, with a week-long entry period and a week-long download period. But contests will be started weekly meaning that at any given time, there will be a current download period for one contest and a current entry period for the next contest.
- Prizes for the top-ten most-downloaded tunes for each contest period would mirror other official contests (car of choice, 300K credits, 2 super wheel spins).
This tuning contest may not be perfect, but I think it is a step in the right direction towards leveling the field between tuners and other content creators in terms of possible rewards and recognition for their work. I also believe that this format would eliminate possible problems arising from (unintentional) bias or driving skill limitations from using one or only a few judges and would in effect spread the ‘judging’ out over the whole user community. When I refer to ‘judging bias’ I don’t mean judges intentionally favoring certain tuners …. but more along the lines of say a judge isn’t a good drifter or doesn’t like to drift …. then would their judgment be fair towards drift tunes? By allowing the community to judge by download numbers, I believe judging would be more fair across all disciplines.
- Parts Credit for Tuners*
Another change that I would really like to see for the tuning community is closely related to tune downloads, so I thought I’d take a minute here to address it. The fact that tuners have to purchase upgrade parts with credits puts them at a financial disadvantage compared to other content creators. My idea to address that disparity:
- Keep track of cost of upgrade parts purchased to complete each tune.
- With each of the first 100 downloads of a newly-shared tune, add in 1% of the total cost of those upgrade parts to the daily credit rewards for tune downloads.
- With this additional credit reward in place, tuners will cover the cost of purchased parts once a tune has been downloaded 100 times.
- After the hundredth download, discontinue this additional ‘parts’ credit and just continue with the normal credits for downloads, likes and uses.

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It’d be cool to have more strictly themed livery contest (ie famous characters, drift cars, drag racers, season themed, art cars, reproductions etc)


I have given thought to prizes, and my prizes are not really tangible but more exposure. Any winning photos liveries or tunes should be showcased on one or all of the weekly streams you guys do. Maybe have the cars set up ahead of time so all the streams have to do is go in and drive them with liveries and tunes already on them.

Exposure is worth WAY more than cars or credits!!!

For photos that win they should be gone through on at least one of the streams. On my stream it takes me an hour to go through all the submissions. Going through the ten winners of the week takes like 15 minutes.

If you can find a way to incorporate it into the wider community, feel free to use my FCN30 idea and do a 30 day photography challenge.

Have sent the flyer I created for it to you via twitter

Could certainly say it’s been tried and tested and proved a great success.

Also have an idea on how it could be simplified to suit forzathon type event

Are we allowed to post replicas with tobacco liveries to the weekly contests now?

Someone who has done a “555” replica has just won. I’m curious as to that.

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Typically, no they are not allowed to be official promoted by Turn 10 Studios due to our E for Everyone rating, however this one simply slipped through the cracks and it’s not a very big deal, but thank you for pointing this out!

Yea I was wondering that too … I thought alcohol and Tobacco stuff was not allowed into the comps ??? I could be mistaken but I feel as though this was noted a while back. However I think this would be better seen in the other thread above.

Only one way to find out, enter a 555 design this week and see if it wins :wink:

Player-chosen Monthly Rival Challenge

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Just a follow up from a conversation with co pilot on twitter. Obviously horizon will be in summer during Christmas week so, while keeping in mind time is of the essence. Ask the community to contribute created routes/blueprints for winter events with Christmas themed names and perhaps and winter photo comp but obviously ideally the comp should be starting asap