I Wish Online Adventure Would Force a Random Car Type Every Championship

e.g. classic muscle only, or hyper-cars only, or trucks only cross country! then by random class C,B,A, etc…
And to mix things up maybe a hyper-car rally? why not? Everyone will struggle equally :smiley:
Of course some car types should have a lower/upper limit for class. We won’t find class C hyper-cars or class S2 trucks.

It gets boring how the same OP car is used for some classes cough Ford Roadster cough and the lack of motivation to try out different car types online.

This would also mean that I don’t have one win-it-all class A car (for example). I’ll need a class A car of each car type, then for each event type (road,rally,etc…)

As usual, if you weren’t prepared; you should get a rental car for the race. Then run home later to prepare a car in case it comes up in the future.

Anyone else? Please back me up!


:heavy_check_mark: Approved.

I get the point, as some I am frustrated most dirt cars are taking the dust beaten by cars that are absolutely not made for dirt but then will come all the players who will fight against it as they already fight against cars blocked being challenges.
Another more lighter way could be to ban for a few days some specific cars like Nova FE , Atomic P , just to see how base reacts. Nevertheless I doubt I would be appreciate out of the group of heavy players.

Other easy move to give a bit of fresh air there :

  • Add 3 races dirt and CC championships. Expected impact, top speed becomes meaningless and some low high speed cars are back in the game.
  • Add B road championships.

Anyway, just speaking …

Waleed1765 - Yes, but no, but yes. In your suggestion you would need to have a tuned car for almost every possible combination and that would be a lot of them. But yes, I would like to see some diversity in events.
What do You think about “1hour challange”: every hour (e.g. 1:00AM) starts new event (e.g. road) where you have to prepare car from specific group (e.g. classic muscle) and class. At 1:30AM till 2:00AM you can race them. At 2:00AM new event starts.

Tilo38 - Would like to see that. I could finally use my B700 cars with offroad tires :slight_smile:

I would also like to add that even mixing up tracks in current adventures would be good addition. Because now it is always same 3 tracks in the same order all the time.
Maybe hiding them and showing only type of event would be to much, but definitely some rotation would be good.

Cutting the head of the snake could also be a hard but efficient way to refresh the online. By that I mean banning top cars, Nova FE, bubble top etc that became almost the unique car to play with on some conditions. For sure it would revive the challenge but would also generate a lot of frustration.

I like the original suggestion. It would add variety. The only thing I would say is that it would probably increase the divide between the top guys and the rest even more. Those of us who play a lot would soon identify the best cars for each situation, whereas less experienced players would be more likely to struggle. Based on rivals testing before, there’s also usually one or two cars that are far better than the rest within each car type so you’d probably still quickly see a lot of complaints about overpowered cars within each category.

I’m very much in favour of adding B road but I can’t see it happening. I’d also like some dirt races to be exclusive of FRR - the Manx, Regalia and Mini would suddenly be great dirt options in B for example if their low top speed wasn’t making them impractical for FRR.

I don’t like the idea of hiding the tracks. That just means everyone is likely to just take balanced cars and you’d end up with even less variety. At least currently those of us who understand the tracks and use handling beasts or FWD/RWD powerbuilds for certain races where we know they will work.

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Yes, it’s nice in theory but in practice would just make it really time consuming to get into a position to race competitively. It’s already pretty time consuming to develop a set of tunes and work out which car is best for each playlist. It’s actually a major reason why I couldn’t be bothered to get that heavily into FM7 online racing, it was just too much time overhead to keep finding good tunes for different car divisions.

Yeah, I know. It was addition, not main thought :wink:
Main thing was about more diversity in events, because now we always have the same 3 races in the same order. Like you always have adventures that requires more handling or more speed.
Order of races is not that important in FFA, but I think it would make a change in Team Adv…

I think that’s what Playground originally intended for the franchise, and it makes the most sense, but people tend to enjoy the FFA style of racing and reject innovation. Just see what happened to FM7.

The real issue with FM7 was that T10 merely pasted the division system on top of the PI calculations. So, if a class had several OP cars, they were simply split among their divisions, resulting in many more broken categories than there were. FH4 has a similar issue, due to the PI system’s tendency to severely underrate certain cars, and also due to Forza letting you add very effective aero to ultralight cars such as the Shelby Monaco.

At this point, it would be a quick and effective way to spice things up, but don’t expect to see much more balance than in class racing.

Shelby Monaco brokenness come from its extremely underrated stock gearbox not forza aero. Cars like lotus eleven and Caterham R500 still as light as Monaco and have ability to equip forza aero but still nowhere near as strong as Monaco.

The Monaco simply combines a lot of the PI system’s shortcomings. That’s why it’s this dominant.

  • The stock gearbox gives it a huge PI advantage which allows for the Racing V12 build.
  • Its power/weight/mechanical grip ratio is beyond the point where adding power increases PI.
  • The adjustable Forza aero values don’t scale with car weight but the provided downforce gets stronger the lighter the car is.
    This allows the KC to handle all the power while the game thinks it’s way beyond the critical power/weight/mechanical grip ratio.

In short: the stock gearbox serves for the PI advantage, the rear-aero allows the car to utilize it on the track.
The Porsche 906 has comparable traits and is only just weaker in every point.


True. One more point to add;

If Monaco didnt had its stock gearbox, it would be a S2 922 car. This is also similar for Bugatti Eb110 ss which would be a S2 918 car if awd swap not available.

906 is weaker because its stock gearbox is not as underrated as monaco which isnt allows it to have enough upgrades.

Although Im completely fine with Monaco. Its the only viable and reliable rwd car in game. Rest of the rwd cars simply not worth the risk.

Cycled production was always my favorite In the Motorsport games. No tunes, no upgrades, only edge is driver skill. Besides, Turn 10 works hard to give every car a unique and realistic-ish feel in their stock form. All AWD swapped V12 cars feel and sound the same. So much more fun to watch the classic muscle cars struggle on turns and squat the rear axles under acceleration. Every race is a new stock vehicle, everyone drives the same car.