I was worried... But WINTER is awesome!

Says it all! I was legit worried that winter would be boring & dull content wise like blizzard mountain was.

But boii was i wrong! The snow is awesome! Brings a whole new level of fun i didnt enjoy in Fh3!

your thoughts?

Heres a pic i took the other night after some mountain fun in these beasts with some friends.

add me on xbox: bl3asby
Lake Fun!


Winter is my favourite season in the game and I loved Blizzard Mountain too so win! Looks incredible especially at night

Yeah, I like winter. Longer nights are nice and I feel like I have to switch my cars around. Like these cars were nice to drive in summer but now I wanna drive winter cars. I’m not even talking about tuning, more like ‘this car looks warm’ lol.

It’s not snowy enough. And it’s not frozen enough. Set a race to Blizzard and you get light, non-accumulating flurries. Puddles and lakes other than the big one don’t freeze. If I have one disappointment with this game, it’s how little winter changes things.

About sums this forum up. Someone makes a positive thread and it last 3 posts before a whiner comes in.


Then you shouldn’t have come in here to whine. For my part, my disappointment is so minor I wouldn’t even really call it a complaint.

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I’m absolutely loving it. I’m a huge, huge fan of Blizzard mountain, I liked it almost more than the base game FH3. I’m someone who has driven a lot in the snow in real life, and this is the best representation of snow I’ve ever seen in a game before. I love that we get a full map like this.

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I love winter, always did in games, it has a nice charm to it, I wish we could turn off headlights at night so I can take some phots with just the street lamps light

I really liked Blizzard Mountain, just didn’t care for it being a separate land mass and load from the main world again. It was pretty small and when you wanted a change of pace you have to sit through a long load to go back. I wish FH4 had the same whiteout / extreme blizzard weather option where you could barely see what’s coming up ahead, that was awesome. The blizzard setting in FH4 is not intense at all.

Hope with this whole seasonal and online server system in place they also figured out a way to expand the current map and keep everything and everyone together.

They could just do it Burnout Paradise style and let anyone without the expansions still drive around there to keep the online worlds in sync, but prevent them from creating or starting any of the new events and content unless they buy it. I have a strong feeling they will be separate loads again, and servers will be main game specific or expansion specific.

Yep, love the winter. I loved the extreme weather anyway but winter changes it up. Agree with Ti about not letting the weather get crazy enough.

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After deliberately conversing with my fellow gamers, I can confirm that Winter is not “awesome.”

Winter makes rubberbanding so much more cancerous. I play on Unbeatable difficulty, and watching 70s muscle cars take corners on tarmac at 60+ MPH is one thing, but being able to do that on an icy road while I have to slow down a lot more because of it being Winter is a whole nother story… They’re in muscle cars… I’M IN A PERFECTLY RALLY TUNED WRX. HOW???

Winter is another way to dictate how you play. Sure, you can take a Mclaren P1 out for a spin if you want, but can you say you’re playing the game when you can’t make it out of first gear because of how bad the traction is? Of course, the logical answer is, “It’s winter, just use off road cars.” I don’t like offroad cars. Period. The only one is the WRX, and even then that gets boring after a while. “Then just use the Mclaren P1.” Again, that’s not my definition of fun (losing traction every half a second). That’s like saying, “You should play GTA 5 online with no money.” No, the way that game is designed you literally can’t have fun without money. That’s like saying play a car game but only use certain cars… What???

Good luck completing any of the speed zones, stunts, or other zones while Winter is here. Rally cars and off road vehicles have more aggressive gear ratios for acceleration. The drawback is the top speed. This makes speed zones and danger signs impossible since you can’t use your faster vehicles (hypercars, luxury vehicles, supercars) as effectively to complete them. It’s a lose lose situation.

When the roads are clear, the temperature doesn’t make a difference to your car’s performance. I don’t know why TTS went on about how this would be SOOOOO impactful if Muscle cars can still take turns at the speed they’re going lmfao.


I loved BM in FH3 and so love the season in FH4. One added benefit is it makes cross country races much much more enjoyable.

My problem with winter is that it doesn’t feel like winter. Non snow tires cars can still do okay and snow tired cars have ultra grip. Blizzard Mountain FELT like winter. The snow and ice felt like snow and ice and you slid around plenty. And if you didn’t have snow tires you knew it. There just isn’t enough realistic sliding around.

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Very surprised to see that anyone is enjoying this. With Blizzard Mountain it was isolated and you could always go back to the mainland for a break; now we have to wait a week, and skill zones are just not interesting in the meantime. A solution here would have been for them to have different targets based on season, or at least different for winter. Nice in general would have been if there were just season servers up that you could pick at any time … but I guess that would have meant there had to be an important way to distinguish the other three.

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Are you aware that you can do any event in any season you chose at any time by just switching the season in the event-blueprint?

Also, why are skill zones not interesting? While some might be more challenging during winter, other’s become more easy (drift zones)

I am enjoying it. Loving it in fact. And somebody who lives in a heavy winter zone? Am glad for it. Real winter driving would be terrible. Horizons is the Forza hooning and arcade game. By no means a simulator. So sit back and enjoy. It is also a warm winter, so while there is "snow, it is slush snow and the roads are mostly melted. Some areas are quite slick, but not -40 slick.

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Apart from the fact that there’s way too much grip in winter in the snow and on ice, I love it.

The reason why it’s not as extreme as blizzard mountain is because it doesn’t snow that much in the UK. You never get blizzards.

It’s ok grip. Turn off all assist and use stock tyres on an ordinary car and you will have some fun out there, a bit more like the real life experience in snow.

Grip very close to the real thing would mean not moving at all with most cars in such winter conditions (too much power, too little, too light, too low etc.), although sliding down backwards in a Ferrari while going full throttle would be a fun thing to watch.

Btw. has anyone seen an ice race on the lake yet?
If not, I hope we will be able to set up one with the route creator.

You have a short memory mate. Only in Feb/March the whole country suffered in the snow and the north-west coast was getting battered even longer than that. Scotland is often all kinds of snowed in and the Highlands in particular get so isolated that heavy internal application of whisky is the only solution!

Steel yourself, this winter coming is going to be brutal, likely much more so. Hot summers = cold as hell winter, it’s physics (and meteorology obvs). I’ve already got the whisky ready :@)

I agree that the blizzard setting in this map is not up to scratch though. Blizzard driving should make your heart race, not wonder if you’ll actually get the sled out when you get home because it;s already melting. Blizzard Mountain snow used to build up on the road so that, in races, the third lap was significantly different from the 1st. I’m not sure why they dodged that great detail.

I would’ve liked it, if the super/hypercar type vehicles were all locked in the garage for the season…, giving us more reason to drive & enjoy the true 4wheel drive type of cars (SUV’s & whatnot) just for the winter. i mean, they force us to endure a season a week long (which i don’t object to), so why not… would just add a cool element to the game for me (pun intended, lol).