I Was Wondering If I Could Receive A Lotus E21

I have recently purchased a copy of Forza Motorsport 5, I was wondering if I could receive a lotus e21. I heard that I could ask an admin and I would be gifted one. If an admin sees this, my xbox one gamertag is: Very Long D. Thanks.

Whoever told you that is dumb.

Just play the game and collect your monthly forza rewards and you’ll have a ton of credits with nothing to buy. Be thankful the prices are half of what they used to be. They were dropped because there were too many impatient players which has no made in game credits a joke.

WHAT?! Wow, uhh, no; you’re well over a year late for that. Play the game and buy one like everyone else.

You’ve been late. T10 isn’t giving out the E21 anymore. Also, there’s no gifting in FM5.