I want to ask the Game Operations Group, what are you doing?

I bought the game in full for my steam debut last year, and every month’s season races are all done, and I still can’t collect the whole car for a year and a half. I would like to ask, how long does it take for the monthly seasons to start from the 1st to the 32th of the season? What does it mean that you’ve been repeating 40 seasons now? You don’t fix bugs, you don’t let us collect all the vehicles, the treatment of the 4th generation is not good, why should I buy FH5?


I have been dealing with a bug that first appeared with the April Xbox update that turned off the Logitech G shifter’s functionality for every Xbox Horizon game.

It still works with Motorsport 6, though.

Other people have been told that the device is not compatible with Forza Horizon, but this is patently false. It was working just fine until that bugged, defective system update released.

Forza Support has been of no help so far. My ticket was barely even read.

We’re almost in June, and this bug has still not been fixed.

Microsoft, Playground; could you please investigate this?

Other people are experiencing this game breaking bug and it’s rather frustrating seeing the Festival Playlist get updated yet technical, game-breaking issues like a failure to detect compatible equipment go unaddressed.

It’s honestly hard to believe.