I used to love this game...Until the servers became IBM PCs

I ised to love Forza 6, but I just can’t when every single time I go to play it the multiplayer servers are down for no reason! Every single other game works perfectly EXCEPT FOR FORZA 6. I can’t play the game I paid for online anymore! Even Halo 5 works, and that has lots of connection issues too!


This weekend has been particularly atrocious…


I think they may have been doing server maintenance or capacity upgrades this past weekend. I didn’t play Forza that much this weekend as I was spending some time bettering my lap time on Sochi. But also recall that FH3 is just around the corner and I’m sure there’s some cool multiplayer things being introduced to the game for the first time that will require updated server components and testing for sure.

I feel ya. Haven’t been able to connect in months.


Even smartglass not working right.

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It’s particularly annoying as I have to renew my Xbox Gold and it is the last few days before I have to spend $60 on a service that is very unreliable. I wish Forza 6’s servers were more reliable, as other games notorious for Xbox Live issues have not had any issues this weekend, for example Halo 5, where the REQ system often has server issues. This isn’t a issue with other Forza games either, Horizon 2 works flawlessly (after eating my save data).

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Yes. The WHOLE week the connection was atrocious.

And there are still some people trying to say that it’s the same for all Xbox One games.
I’m sorry but I don’t have the same problem with Fifa 16.

Forza 6:
Trying to connect to multiplayer? Can’t connect.
Trying to find a lobby? Can’t find.
Ready to start a race? Sent back to the lobby.
Finally in the race? Disconnected during the race.
Looking for a design? Servers not available.
Looking for a setup? After scrolling the first 4-5 results, the rest are unavailable.

And yeah even Smartglass: slow as hell and most of the time can’t even retrieve data.


FIFA 16 runs on EA servers.

Most games run on MS servers and MS servers had major issues over the last week.

Just so you know, online servers have always been “IBM PC’s”. I think you meant the online servers that are run from server farms which microsoft deployed specifically for Xbox Live on the Xbox One using the Azure cloud infrastructure.
Yes it’s a mouthful of nonsensical gibberish to most people. But behind it is an important fact. Almost any company using servers to run online games have always used x68 and now x64 PC’s to do that work.

Make sure you’re running wired where possible, and check for sources of interference if you have to run wireless. I used to live across a field from a research facility and when they ran radar tests you couldn’t even watch TV never mind run wifi or a cellphone. lol

I’ve had one issue this week where i couldn’t sign in to smartglass, but it worked on second attempt. Everything else is ok. Maybe it’s regional or something? Xbox Live issues seem to rotate the globe. I think it’s so they only annoy so many people at a time! lol

All weekend, even trying to test out drag tunes, which is another gigantic bag of worms, I was unable to get online. Only twice put of the whole weekend. I was even going to try to run some actual online racing and could not connect. Good times!!!

So, what’s new?..

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Boost of moral forza and dish out some lambo hurricane gt cars lol

Actually, this weekend was atrocious, but it was primarily Xbox Live and a problem with matchmaking, among other things. Some people may have been able to get into some things, but there was no “finding” anything for a while in FM5, FM6 or Horizon 2 on the Xbox One for me for quite a while.

And, neither would SmartGlass or finding anyone via xbox.com in the account section, so verifying gamertags didn’t work either.

I stopped trying once I saw the warnings on Xbox Support verifying it was not a single game problem, but an overall glitch in the Live system.


^^ this!

me and my friends couldn’t even have a party chat… gave up the whole thing last weekend. we managed to play sometimes, but it wasn’t forza to blame…
Looked up Xbox Support and the whole page was red! lol…

This is the business model for all modern companies - promise the world, deliver nothing but frustration and blame someone else when the reality sets in.

Sometimes smaller is better. Microsoft, and by association, Turn10 have simply gotten away from the fundementals of business and are now simply in a money-grab free fall. Sink most of that cash into upper management salaries, marketing and hang on for the ride while it lasts. You can always resurface under a different name, looking fresh and exciting and repeat the process.

When it all comes crashing down cash in as quickly as you can and blame everyone else for the failure.


Yeah, it’s bad. So bad that I gave up and haven’t played in a couple months.

It’s too bad, because the game itself is great but the online servers are absolutely terrible.

I can assure you that Microsoft is not using IBM pc’s in their server farm. The hard ware is usually a blade type of server. There are enclosures that can hold from 4 to 24 servers depending on the type and configuration. You can get a very high number of servers in a small area that way. I know Dell is one of the vendors so I blame them.

I was reading this this thread and starting thinking. How did we get to the point where we accept bad service and say “Oh well, there is nothing we can do about it.”? Would we accept this bad of service from our cell phone service providers. No, we would find another provider. We can’t do that with the XBox One.

I’m not saying all of Microsoft’s services are badly run but I would call the XBox Live service substandard. I use another Microsoft service at work. There have been some issues but they’ve always been resolved quickly. Work used a different provider 2 or 3 years ago for the same service. We definitely had more problems with that other provider.

I also use a couple of other online services from other providers. I can’t remember them ever being offline. For example, I use DropBox at work. It always seems to work.

I have a PS3 and PS4 and use Sony’s game console service. There was one big and very bad problem with the Sony service. However, I don’t recall any other bad issues with the Sony service. When Far Cry Primal was about to launch, I decided to buy it. The MS store was unavailable. I waited several hours for it to come online. I finally gave up and bought the PS4 version of it so I could get the pre-order extras. I could speak with my money and MS lost a sale because of the bad service.

I think MS doesn’t consider XBox Live as high a priority as their business services and hence we see more problems with it. I am sure MS makes more from their business services than XBox Live. I wouldn’t be surprised if XBox Live used retired hardware from MS’s business services.

We bought XBox One’s knowing how well Xbox Live works. If we didn’t like the service I guess we could have bought PS4s. But we didn’t and we’re stuck with XBox Live.


I constantly complain about bad service from repeat offenders. I do it to them though, rather than just on a forum such as this. lol
Microsoft have had a few complaints from me, but recently i’ve not really had any issues, but then i’ve been avoiding online for a while as it’s full of morons.

The main issue is that Forza’s servers are still worse than other games, other first-party games don’t have issues when the main Live servers are not down, but Forza does when every other game is fine and the main Live servers are not down. As for the joke about the servers, it’s fairly obvious they aren’t IBM PCs, but they are fairly unreliable compared even to Horizon 2 and FM5