I thought the august update would have fixed this issue...

OK so I have two minor complaints (oh god not more complaining, just what the forum needs…im loving the game right now so this is trying to be constructive) firstly, with the new steering lock angle kits available the animation of the front tyres ingame now correctly displays the angle the tyres are at in the physics, but ONLY if you use the angle kit, the stock suspension still has the annoying animated dead spot where it doesn’t reflect the correct angle of the front wheels near full lock. I suppose we can just work around this by installing the drift kit and just reducing the steer angle back to closer to default, but I would really like to see it fixed for all the other suspension models.

secondly, and this annoys me far greater than the first issue, is replays. while I have many many complaints about the replays in FM7 ill stick with the steering angle because this one stands out the most. So when you watch back a replay, the steering angle of the front tyres in the replay in no way even closely represents what angle the realtime physics put out and it completely breaks the in motion look about the cars in replays, here are some comparisons;

Realtime steer angle

replay steer angle





while this is very easily noticeable when watching a car drift, it also affect just watching back a normal race too, the front of the car just looks like it floats into the corners because in the replay there just isn’t enough steering angle on the animation side, it really looks horrendous. I will note that this is watching back a replay using a steering wheel during gameplay, not sure if this issue is the same when using a gamepad.


i would also like to see all changes to your car, for example if you upgrade the filter or engine it shows when you look around your car and lift the bonnet. Also exhaust upgrades need to reflect visually as well as camber and other suspension settings.

Engine note changes need to be more dramatic.

With race weight upgrade the inside of the car needs to be stripped.


The suspension settings do reflect visually. You can change the ride height of the car by adjusting the ride height. Camber and Toe are also correctly visually represented in game, you can see the difference between max negative camber and max positive camber. It is just that Forza does not let you run the 30 degree ricer camber that is popular in the stance world.

When your alignment settings are part of the visual appeal of your car, your car is no longer set up to actually be fun to drive.

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No offense man but I had to laugh when I read this one. The Forzavista views are based upon the real world rendering of the car and engines. Forza is not going to do under the hood part swaps for every upgrade.


This is a really old request I would have liked to see but, since I have no idea on the restrictions licenses enforce, I kinda ignore it. Ferrari in particular tends to be sensitive about customization. I wonder if the only reason we have a 458 Italia with a bodykit upgrade is because the bodykit itself is licensed. In NFS Shift they got a Ferrari DLC exclusive to the 360 and the Ferraris were the only cars without any visual upgrades.

In fact, more important than the stripping down IMO is the ability to add motec displays to the cars like in the old Shift games. There have been some complaints in the forums about speedometer accuracy but IMO most speedometers and few tachometers are useless at certain levels of upgrade because the readings simply don’t go that far, which would be fixed with a digital display.

Fun fact: I know that if you apply Race weight reduction upgrade to the Cuda the passenger seat is deleted!

NFS Shift had far fewer vehicles than FM7 does. If Turn10 had to design three or four different interiors for every street car in the game, that would be thousands of 3D models that the artist team would have to design. Not only would that take a lot of time and resources, but a huge amount of storage space on your console or PC. This would also apply to engine swaps and upgrades.

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Here’s a few other things I wish were fixed:

There’s a lot of painting glitches. For example not being able to paint certain colours though it says you can, putting certain colours on rims will reset back to stock when driving then reset again when stationary. If you’re offline and paint a car, it will reset once you go into the garage or freeplay.

Replays are still god awful on so many levels. I’d only use a few views in all honestly.

There’s still a lot of crashing, glitches, resetting and the race not loading issues when confugurating a race.