I think I'm losing patience with this game

Outstanding. :+1:
Thanks for sharing your build - I tried it & confirmed that I still can’t control power-builds… I looked worse than the AI driving. :rofl:

Yes, it doesn’t want to turn or stop but the speed on the long fast section makes up for the struggle through the corners. My build of the GTO was easier to drive but low 2.03s was the lowest I managed. Might try them in B as feels that they will probably be a bit less painful with the extra PI!

I’m about to uninstall and sell my xbox over this.

What is the link to, the pic that opens is a little dark for me to see. A bit extreme to sell your xbox for whatever reason but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Leave it on your Xbox and sell it!, then the bloke thats having issues with GT7 and buys your xbox can suffer whatever your problem is (out of the many) :wink:

I dont think it works that way.

I don’t even know what the issue is but thought it’s worth blaming it on Sony for a change :smile:

I tried chasing you around with a Charger Daytona (mostly power build). I just don’t have the HP to keep up on the straights, even though I’m almost completely stock with the suspension (Had to put ARBs on, of course). What makes the Daytona great in A class, makes it suffer in anything below A.

I did manage a 2:05.827 which is decent I guess.

Edit: Just threw together a '73 T/A with a “balanced” build…ran a 2:05.533, I would guess there’s some potential there.

It’sa video of me trying to adjust my cars toe. For some reason on this car it would only let me adjust to either 0.0, -0.0, or -0.2.

It was a completely sarcastic joke

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can you tell me if the toe settings make sense to you? Shouldn’t toe out (front edge of both tires facing away from each other) on the front tires be in negative?

Well every other car it can adjust in increments of a tenth of a degree. Its just funny that this ones default Must be off by any number of hundredths so instead of reading -0.1 it just reads -0.0 which isn’t a number.

If it showed more information im sure its like -0.094 or something like that but it only shows up to the tenth place.

so you support mediocrity and completely unfinished games. Its a sink or swim situation with games now and if you cant adapt fast enough youll drown like this game is. they could take 8 more months but by then they will have only 10 people playing this game

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I’m not online on the game so I can’t verify what T10 does for toe adjustment but here is how it is:

And if I recall the setup page and info correctly I believe T10 may have the toe designations reversed. But I’m not certain without being in the game to double check.

Yeah that’s exactly what I thought. But when you do toe out on the front wheels, it shows a positive value instead of negative.

AND it shows a negative value when you doe toe in at the rear whereas it should be showing a positive value!

After seeing what’s “new” in Update 8, it’s time for me to speak out that I am OFFICIALLY DONE with this half-baked nonsense. It clearly lost its entire soul, giving more lackluster updates every month, with a LOT of RECYCLED cars that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN DAY 1. 500 CARS AIN’T ENOUGH.

I did give Turn 10 some time to show themselves that they can make me consider to buy FM, but now, they still FAILED in my perspective. So now, time’s up that it’s too late for them to fix their major problems. I give up. It’s final.