i think i got banned!!!

I got on my forza horizon today an found a bunch of cars that didnt have pictures to display in my garage, plus i have 4 million more credits then i origanly had, now i dont know what happened but ever since i got all these cars i cant connect to the forza motorsport services.

I took the action to research my problem an found i may have been banned for having such content in my garage an the credits too, i deleted all the cars an i dont know what to do with the money i got but u guys can have it, i play my games legit an i have no idea how to even mod my games or mess with um to voilate the terms an service for the game, all i need to know is how i can fix it or if a problem on your guys end

i just want my services back so i can play the game

You will need to send an email to the developers at forzafb@microsoft.com with your details, including any other gamertags which have used your console. You will receive an automated response, meaning they received your message. Answering will probably take some time, with assigning priority, investigating, etc.