I remember when we stood up for the Kaido, and had it back! - a vet's view on the forza franchise

Hi guys, we probably don’t know each other, but I still remember the day the community stood up to bring the fujimi kaido track in the game, and it actually happened.

I remember these times, when being a forza fan would make you look crazy by most of the racing games community. I remember that before anything else, Forza is a game that was made for the community, by the community. Tuners inspired the idea behind the storefront concept that now has become a core feature of the game (community designs and tunes).

Now, after a couple years hiatus (you know, real life stuff), I had the chance to get back on the forza train through FM5 and FH2.

Horizon, now it all makes sense. I remember being at that Forza Press conference in Paris, sitting down with Dan Greenawalt, while he was telling me, from the very beginning, he wanted to create a racing RPG. I just got FH2, and, slowly but surely, I can see all the pieces coming together, the vision is getting clearer.

I still remember how I got forza, amongst other Xbox games back in the day, I always liked car games, but didn’t care much about cars, or realism, I just wanted to have fun, then, thanks to forza, a couple of years later, I was driving down the 'ring, when I wasn’t standing next to it taking photos. I don’t have much money, trying to get by and whatnot, but forza really planted the seed of a pistonhead in my heart, got to own a few fun yet cheap cars, had a couple of miatas (NA), an FC turbo, a vtec civic, right now, I’m driving an E36 323ti compact sport edition and planning to get its wheels back on the nurburgring.
I remember the day we took a cardboard, wrote “Forza Rulez” on it, and stood in front of the ring’s webcam (the pic is probably on one of my old harddrives, but you may be able to find it online, if you’re persistent or lucky enough, most of you won’t bother, and that’s ok too)

All of that thanks to both Forza and its community

But not only forza changed my life, significantly improving its quality, but I believe, more than a rival, it took what GT games began to do, and just took it to the next level, being today an absolute reference amongst many (not all, I know that) petrolheads.

This game helped change the landscape of the car industry, for the better. Together with the GT series (I don’t believe anyone would deny its significance), they show us that we only need a few dreamers, a few free thinkers, if we want to change the world.

Turn10/Forza have been an inspiration throughout most my adult life (yea, I know, it looks kinda funny, although the forza franchise is the sole reason why I still get a gaming console), and I believe it was in some of yours too, I know at least a few guys I used to play with, back on Forza 1’s Kaido hills, who have their lives changed by the game too. And what’s amazing is that they allow us to take part, shape the game according to what the community wants, how it plays.

these guys should run the world, not a video game company

thanks Turn10, thanks forza community

much love, drive safe, live life and have fun

PS: obviously, I’m not asking for the kaido back (even tho that I’d love to see it back :wink: ) I’m just deciding to believe that you guys may be working on something even better (FH3 in Japan for example :wink: ) anyway, bring the kaido the **** back ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldn’t have said it better.
I’ve been around since 1 and have had every single game.
This was the franchise that made me dump PS and GT.
It was also the reason I bought the 360 and One at launch.

I hope they bring Kaido back as well. It was a nice change of pace from prepped tracks.
A track where I could build a replica of my Miata and drive the hell out of it on a road that is closer to what I can find in real life where I live.


These things are true for me as well.

Also, I think Yamada is on to something with the FH3 = Japan idea. Think about it; the best cars in the world come from the USA, Europe and Asia (mainly Japan). The Horizon festival has visited the first two…

Fujimi Kaidō o modoshimatsu.

Yamada! It’s been awhile, but I know how you’re feeling; I’ve been out of the FM community since 4, having not yet acquired an XBone (yes, I feel ya re: real life stuff and all), but am real happy to be back here (almost) on the eve of FM6’s release. It’s nice to see some vets joining me back at the FM round table that is the FM.net forums.

While I care little for the track you used to frame your story (although your suggestion of F:H3 happening there is mighty interesting, and seems like sort of a natural progression) , everything else you say is bang on.

While I didn’t get an Xbox for Forza–I got it at a time when the lime green console was being packaged with PGR2–when I first discovered Forza, I was smitten. The painting, the tracks (one of which looked to be based on an area in my hometown), damage, and of course, the inclusion of both Ferrari AND Porsche (in keeping with your theme: I remember when we asked for Porsche in FM4, and got IT back!), the latter two claims that even GT couldn’t make at the time. It’s weird; I remember the first time I got a sniff of FM like it was yesterday; the screenies on GS included an Audi RS6 (a window into the lasting partnership the brand was to have with Forza) and an SRT-4, yellow, with a black tear vinyl down the side:

Then, I remember participating in FM2 forum discussions–my indoctrination into online forums–before I even had an Xbox 360, just because the 997 GT3 RS was on its way, and I wanted to share my thoughts on having it in the game; indeed, it introduced to the “wishlist”, a word that I’d become VERY acquainted with over the next few years. So I did by the X360 just for FM2, and while I’ve played a few games on it since, that fact remains. I imagine the same thing happening when I get an XBone as, if I’m honest, there are few other games that interest me at all.

Used to be that I’d think it was crazy to buy a console for just a single game, but I know how much enjoyment I’m going to get out of it (and F:H2, I should add), so it’s worth it for me. I think the bottom line is a game (well, a franchise, we’ll say) that inspires someone to buy an entire console just to get it–as it seems to have done with you as well, Yamada–is doing something right.

See you on the track!


I hope you get the Xbox One very soon. It’s totally worth owning just for H2, and FM6 looks like a dream come true. About H2 though, you’ll love it. I’ve been playing it for months.

Heh, I can’t wait, BELIEVE me. Gonna have to get it before FM6 releases, too, because I know I’m not going to have time for both it and F:H2 at once.

It would be awesome to see these forums return to the level they used to be at when FM2&3 were around.
I am a Forza OG, still remember those classic point to point races. Then when FM2 came out for me and my mates it was all about the 4WD drifting, crazy angles that were so easy to recover.
But my absolute favourite thing to do was in FM4, taking AWD vehicles and turning them into lightweight RWD track monsters.

Some memories…

Forza 2 Tandem


Interesting that your comment about DG wanting to develop an RPG racing game. Its Playground Games not T10 that produces Forza Horizon.

I have played my way through every GT game on PS1, PS2 and then onto Forza on the Xbox. The premise that has made these games so successful is that gamers can race in their own daily rides. They can race in the sportier versions. Then they can drive supercars and live the dream. The out and out motorsport element is less important. I believe Forza has lost this focus and is moving slowly towards a more motorsport based game. Personally i think its a huge mistake but thats just me. I’m just bitter about losing the tracks i loved most : fujimi kaido and the superlong cote d’almalfi circuit that looked like a bowl of spaghetti. That and losing endurance racing and all the community features that have previously given Forza Motorsport such epic longevity as a game.


You are crazy if you don’t think T10 has a huge hand in what goes on with Playground Games! Funny,a motorsport game moving more towards motorsports,imagine that!

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I hear you on the tracks, now, I believe they’ll leave most of the fun/fantasy stuff to horizon now, while hopefully, Motorsport would become more of a “serious racer”, hopefully integrating optional qualifying sessions and whatnot. While Horizon will be much more “plain fun” oriented. I was surprised, on Horizon, to see how easy it was to drive very fast in very fast cars, to be honest, it kind of bothers me a little (not much tho, it’s still fun), but there’s definitely some trade in between realistic and fun going on in Horizon. Although it’s, by far, the best and most realistic open world driving game.
And that forza hub thing going on is just plain great, now all we need is cross-compatible DLC packs (shell out 5 bucks but get the packs on both games)

T10 have been taking some heat at times, but as a lifelong gamer (I’m 37, began to play on atari consoles and thompson computers, cassette tapes and whatnot) this is one of the very few companies who can, both at the same time, have a vision and listen to their community to make the game better (for how long have we been b*tchin about weather effects and night racing again? they always said that if they could do it, they’d do it, and they did it, took them years to get it done, but it’s here now)

Sure, they may remove some stuff at times, but in the end, the new game is always better than the last one. That drivatar AI is pretty nuts too, made the solo game much more enjoyable (and the harder difficulty levels too)

Anyway, love the game, much respect to Dan and the T10 crew, and a special shootout to BLKJ, they’re living example that the community is shaping the game.

I have never been much of a forum follower for any game.
That post makes me want to be more involved with Forza6, because like a lot of people on here I have had almost every game of Forza. Forza has been my outlet for speed and creativity since the first one. My first system and game for the next-gen will be Forza, can’t wait till September. Hope Kaido will be playable, reminds me of the mountain runs we have in GA/TN/NC.