I redeemed my rewards on the web

Hi guys im wondering how do i redeem my forza 5 rewards in game? I already click redeemed on the web but it doesnt appear in game so can someone help me? I need credits to get my favorite cars!

The rewards will show up in the Gift section, and you will be notified when they arrive.

How long would it usually take to appear in your Gift Section?

The website says approximately 4 hours, but sometimes it may be the next day. I’ve had them be three days later. You can also check the Forza 5 FAQs: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst6805_Forza-Motorsport-5---Game-FAQ.aspx Details are in the REWARDS/Message Center section.

Apparently I have not receive my rewards yet =( Cant buy my favourite cars!