I Reached Unbeatable. its not fun

I play on Mouse and keyboard and I recently reached Unbeatable. And i do think that the game became way less fun on this difficulty and its quite stupid in fact that my participation money is higher then if i win on any other difficulty. And i already know how the AI work, they are designed to break more then you are supposed to, so you win by breaking less than them, and you Win if the AI somehow makes a mistake, And you win if you have a Faster on straight car then the AI…

But what makes Unbeatable not fun for me is the fact that there are cars that CANT lose even on unbeatable (the hot wheel daredevil) being one of those cars that literally can not lose. But then again there are some cars that I Love to drive, the Corvette ZR1(2019) Is one of those cars, and guess what, i’ve tried literally 20 different tunes and you can’t win. and i judge my ability to win Unbeatable deppending on wether i am catching up on straights or not without turning like a cargo ship.

Skilled driver seem to me to be the most fun difficulty, because that difficulty is still teaching you to drive properly, and you can win with any car on any track, no matter… But there’s a issue… I get higher participation medal money for driving on unbeatable then i do winning on skilled driver, so the game is not fun… and i don’t find abusing a certain car to win fun, especially when i can’t stand the look of the dare devil hot rod, but it simply can’t lose!

i am still gonna look for cars that can win on Unbeatable, I actually enjoy that part. but so far there’s like a thousand cars in the game, and only a handful is competitive and that’s not really good is it?