I noticed a chrome paint job in the aution house.

Does the chrome paint come from a mod or hack. Just curious if the paint is legit cause I’ve never seen it in F4.

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Most likely a modded paint if you’ve never seen it. What car is it on? I’ve been seeing more and more modded paints lately lots of glow cars

Yeah, there’s been an outbreak of modding on FM4 lately. Not much we can do anymore, there’s not enough moderators to keep it under control…

I actually saw a copper paint job for a stock car the other day. It looked amazing and I was about to download it when I noticed some trim pieces were reflecting rainbows… Stopped myself, messaged the owner asking him to stop modding FM4, and he responded telling me he would. He took the paint down and everything. First time I’d ever met a respectful modder…

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I used to mod some Facebook games(long time ago, and I like Forza WAY to much to risk modding it lol), and I have been in that guys position, he likes the game but also likes to mod. He was scared of being reported so he took it down but it might already be back up.

Nope. I remembered his GT and looked on his storefront again, aside from a few pictures it’s empty. Back when I first messaged him he told me that he was just gonna swap to modding on another 360 he had that wouldn’t connect to the internet, and it appears that’s exactly what he’s done. Not everyone is a liar, some people will do what’s right…

Also, I think the forum rules regarding talking about modding are pretty strict, so I won’t state my opinion on it at this time.

I think it was a Pinto.

If you cannot see a legitimate way to do it yourself then it is a mod and you would be well advised to avoid them - preferably reporting them using the in game tools while you do so. If you feel T10 is unable to effectively police these modders then you can always report them to Xbox themselves.

And to be clear - there is no way to do Chrome in FM4 so it would be a modded car.

It was never my intention to even purchase the car!

I noticed several glowing '70 Challengers in the auction house tonight, from two different sellers that were clubmates and friends. I reported every one I could, but while trying to do so I accidentally purchased one via buyout (for 53milCR!) because my controller is very worn and the d-pad and left stick aren’t in sync; . It also didn’t help that I was speed-reporting. I filed complaints against both through MS on their profiles.

I didn’t download the car (I didn’t even want it!) for fear of being banned. Will a moderator please PM me for the players gamertags? I know it’s impossible to get my credits back, but I’d like to be sure that I won’t be banned.

p.s. I did also notice a chrome Reventon on the AH several weeks ago.

@ Monkey If you look for a locked thread, I’m sure you’ll find a moderator to PM and he or she may not message you back don’t assume they are ignoring you if they don’t reply.

Thanks KOGA, I will do that.

I usually just PM Snowowl. I don’t know if the forum moderators have moderator status within the game, I think they’re just limited to the forums. I may be wrong…

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Some do - best bet is to send it to a Mod and if they can’t deal with it in game they can send it to someone who can. SnowOwl is always a good bet but he is kept busy chasing things like this.

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Double Post.

Thanks guys. I just sent a PM to Snowowl, players’ GTs and further details included. I’m not sure if they have authority in the game as well but I do hope they’ll at least see to the bans.

EDIT: FWIW, I checked the AH today and haven’t seen anything glowing, at least in the <30k range.

i made i chrome 599x for 2.5 mil