I need to Vent!

Hello turn 10… I’m about to vent for a little… Ever since i got the game i had no fun… It just been cousing me frustration and anger… Besides not receving some of my royalty money… Every spin wheel i had… I get the most useless prizes ever… 25k prizecards and the lowes money amount 25k… i haven’t won anything worth saying i was happy to say i won… And it’s hard to me spending little money i have on cars cause Credits are hard to come by And besides that! even on average difficulty cars are faster than you!!! Even tho is says all the cars are “equally” match i like to play on pro and it just gets me angry fustrated knowing that they are faster than me and its hard to beat then even with mod cards… I paid 100Dlls to get head aches and frustration… Its hard to get money to buy better vehicles when you always get 3rd place and sometimes 1st&2nd… anyway hope you can resolved this problem imma take a break from forza and play something else that is fun… It just get me mad, i love the forza franchise and i love playing your games but this game its just buggy as hell… Thank you for reading my post… Just needed to vent let it off my chest…

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With the prize spins, let the tiles change until there are mainly high value cars or cash prizes on the board before you freeze it.

I wasn’t doing that to start with and was getting low value prizes every time.

Cheers mashed. I’ll try that. Best I’ve won so far is the f1 lotus then again a couple of spins later :grin:

For me it seems the opposite. It’s too easy getting cash in this game. I’m almost 2 million CR already and barely played half the game. As far as difficulty, are you sure you are modding your cars properly? I sometimes have a hard getting first but that’s only because I’m fighting for second and the 1st place guy is already too far ahead by the time the race is over. I play on extreme with zero assists except I use rewind when i’m not paying attention.

Wasn’t paying attention to the tiles, I didn’t know they shuffle the prizes while spinning. I did score a million credits on one spin though, very nice!

Didn’t know that either about the tiles that’s great to know! Sick of winning a bucket and 300k mod packs! Jokes I love the mod packs haha.

But ummm on the note of the cars being faster than you on average difficulty??? How… Do you drive like an old lady or something?? I’m just crewing with you by the way. They’re pretty quick but I’d start with test mode and just get used to the tracks in 1 car then push until you find the cars and tracks limit then practice holding in at the limit… You’re not pushing hard enough if you’re not squirming and sliding around all the time and are pushing too hard when you can’t maintain control…

If you’re using Assists turn them off including the hopeless racing line and learn the tracks instead of relying on something preprogrammed… You’ll suffer a lot of frustration to begin with but the more you practice the more natural it’ll feel. Most important though is set your car up to be balanced. A balanced build with a good tune will beat a fast build with a crap tune.

99% of the tracks feature more corners than straights, that’s where you make up the top speed difference so you need to learn the tracks and learn the car, find the limits of both and find a way to stay on the limit but not exceed it.