I need some help

I need some help I’ve been trying on and off to get the colour on this car for about a year and I can’t get it for the life of me. I need someone to recreate the paint job and post the code. The name of the colour is Iconcept purple

What Car Do You Want It On?

First of all you have to be careful with the colours in the picture, because there is a sunset shining on the car which has orange in it, and the car doesn’t have orange in the paint. So I came up with the colour that I think the car was without the sunset.

It’s a complicated colour as well…

First add a huge rectangle layer to the right of the car … colour 0.69, 0.14, 0.71… massive enough to cover the top of the car as well. Then make the layer 40.00 transparent. Then copy, and paste it all over the car. Then save that vinyl layout.

Then you need to paint the car as well with a Special Colour… Two Toned polished (The layers that you added hide most of the two tone finish, but there is a slight amount)

Press X to change the first colour… 0.64, 0.26, 0.49
Press Y to change the second colour 0.80, 0.06, 1.00

If you need to adjust anything it is best to adjust the colour of the layers that you added.

I shared the colour on the Abarth 695 for you to look at.

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Alright thanks I’ll check in a bit

Wow! the colour looks great thank you soo much