I need some help with car choice

So im having to build and tune a car for $32,000 wanting to buy cheap build up and tune i need ideas for the car please help Im looking import mostly so yeah help

Try the Supra…it has a heavy tail and it likes to naturally swing out. Just upgrade the turbos, exhaust, cams, lighten the car up a bit, and add either Street or Sport tires and widen them to your content. Tune the beast and enjoy. I have a B Class tune and an R Class tune for the Supra, both net me like 150k+ points in drift lobbies. I think my R Class one is shared, but I’m not sure about my B Class tune.

You should buy a car that you know will fit your overall style and general driving performance. Are you smooth? Rough on the throttle? How do you handle the vehicles you currently own outside of the competiton? These questions play an important factor in your choice of machine. Here, I’ll give you examples:

Me for instance I drive(religiously) a 97 Nissan R33 GT-R. Why?
I am an aggressive driver, I dive heavily into corners and allow the weight/force of my car to glide me around the apex, with well of course the steering.
I also tend to perform smooth countersteer throughout the corner to maintain speed and angle while maintaining steady throttle(maybe WOT or feathering it with a difference of a few hundred rpm’s)
The R33 is an aggressive car, tuned right and it will show its true colors. A monster in speed and control(But not the best).

If you want low Engine PS (Horsepower to you guys) while being able to not sacrifice the flexibility of the vehicle look at the Ae86. Nimble handling performance and you definitely shouldnt be inclined to making it 550-600hp, especially with a frame that light and a overall body ratio of 50% its overkill. Many racers I’ve seen had been highly successful driving the corolla, its just skill orientated driving.

Just giving examples of what you can look for, I don’t play Forza as much so I can’t give you an incredible list.

If you’re an aggressive type for JDM, these may help:
R34 GT-R
R33 GT-R
R32 GT-R
Ae86 Corolla
240sx(depending on how you tune)
Subaru GC8 & GDB imprezas(
Z34 fairlady
(there are more but ill stop here)