I need a Noob guide to Manual Shifting w/Clutch

I like that as well, but I have always found the LB to be awkward to use for the clutch when trying to brake. Didn’t know you could make that swap. Will definitely give it a try.

Holy cow guys - LOVING the Right Analog Stick as the Stick Shift! -It’s totally made me happy right now. It’s a very minimal effort to switch gears, and seems more natural than finding the right button to push. I’m not using the clutch so I will experiment with that at a later time. Now it’s just a matter of getting the timing down on when to shift. Does it come natural using the audio of your engine to know when to switch. I can imagine that is one way to keep your eyes on the road while knowing when to shift. Either way, I know not using your brakes as much as already made such a huge difference in my lap times.

Thanks again for all the great input on the tracks! -Today’s my Friday so I look forward to racing the next 3 days and really putting major time into practice.

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Great thread. I was trying to find in the options where to change the controller settings for the joystick to be the shifter. Anyone know where to do that?

D1NO - Do you still like this set up? It seems like the majority of players prefer the x and b buttons but I don’t like stretching that far to b…