I love this game

I have now finished all the single player cup events, played multiple free play events I’ve set up, and almost raced all the rivals events at least once. I’ve played a number of multiplayer events as well. I have 132 hours drive time and 13,000+ miles. The more I play this game the more I like it. I’m very lucky in that I have basically had no issues with the game freezing up or any of the other issues that others have had. I really like this month’s car pack and am really looking forward to future expansions.


Got about 160 hours and 17k+ miles, little to no issues, and none of any consequence.



181hrs, 16000 miles and counting! Absolutely loving it!


I’ll admit that this is a good game, BUT it is not a good Forza Mororsport game.



For the most part, it’s pretty good. Visuals aren’t bad, career isn’t bad, and generally an alright all rounder. The irritance comes when you compare what was done for Forza Motorsport 4, and what was done here - I feel FM4 had a better immersive experience overall.

I enjoy it in short bursts, played little and often. :slight_smile:


And this is why there’s a lot of hate.

On its own, the game works fine especially if you are not a content creater, competitive player or a multiplayer driven player that has played other Forza games. Rivals alone is bare bones compared to FM6 or the best implementation in FM4. For those who know better, the game is seriously lacking in all facets other than single player. Single player is pretty awesome.

But T10 mentioned new features in the works (not sure what) and a commitment to improvement. All the game needs is more features and then bam it’s arguable one of the greatest Forza games.


Would have to disagree with you on this have a look at the Achevments and be amazed

Online Gaming Only 2 out of 100 playes have done more than 100 races.

Going by the Rough numbers we do have only 2 out of 100 players do Rivals so one would expect it to be droped due to very low particaption.

Tuning and selling tunes Only 1 in 250 players sell tunes with a income from sales of over 50,000 credits

Designer and Painters. Only 1 in 200. sell designs with a income from sales of over 50,000 Credits

Bulk of the complaints on this forum are from MP and thoes who do Designs and Paints.

I do not understand why you are under the impression that Turn 10 should cater to less than 2% of gamers and you would find that that 2% cost Turn 10 more money per player and here you are wanting them to spend even more on that small 2% of Players.

Most people play the game in campaign and go away happy and yet people seem to believe that the 2 out of every 100 playes is everyone, but it is not, Me my self would prefer to see the money wasted on MP and those less than 2% of players that generate 95% of all complaints spent on Campaign and not on more MP options or content


*None of us said the system was perfect - I said in another reply above that the AH and SF are weird and annoying in their ways.

**I’m talking of personal opinions - not that I believe that everything is dandy. I didn’t say that everything is perfect off amd online, because it’s not. My gripes were primarily with the sounds of cars, the features, and general feel of the game - and if you have a look around here you’ll find that it is far more than 2% of people that share my opinion. I don’t speak of online matters on account that I never use it for public sessions - because it’s a mess.

Look at my wording: “pretty good”, “not bad”, “alright all rounder”. There’s lots of improvements thay could be made - I never said it was perfect.

It’s just missing the few bits and pieces, a few sound corrections, and a little bit of optimisation (namely scrolling through the car menu), then I’d agree with you. It’s potentially a really fantastic game, it’s just frustrating that the bits that would make it great are either not present, or implemented in a way that makes the game difficult to enjoy (the weird AH pricing and “elite” status rubbish means I hardly use it)

I have yet to experience the issues people are reporting - the freezes, game save deletes, vinyl errors, crashes, etc.


Positive posts get so many more likes than negative, and its always nice to hear someone having the same experiences of anything. Forza 7 works flawlessly for me!

edit: oh stats, 162 hrs driving, 20k miles driven, still no lost saves or crashes


The problems are in multiplayer and not career mode for the most part. Keep playing multiplayer and you will find issues.


I would absolutely love to know the percentage of MP only players in the whole scheme of things. Personally I only play MP for the achievements in ANY game, and as soon as I’ve got them I stop. This is for pure selfish reasons because I’m not as good as 90% of people in ANY game.


Nobody knows. Single player groups have always been strong.

Only thing I can judge it off of is those on my friends list who barely play and the lack of competitiveness in leaderboards and lobbies. Top 100 was an amazing feat at one time and it was very difficult to pull off and so was a podium in a race.

There’s a void that’s been around for years of missing great players. Some still buy the game and others bug their friends if Forza is worth buying. Theres a large fanbase lurking in the shadows patiently waiting to hear good news.

Not very many, look at the MP achievements

100 Laps in MP. %6.76

which then drops down to

300 Laps in MP. %2.88

Even less %, you could get these achievements in single player races a couple of months ago. That’s how I got them.

I can’t lie forza 7 has been growing on me more and more despite issues that still linger

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Only played a few hours of this game. Played all of them from fm1. Saw that there was no rivals by class mode and pretty much quit there. Not a bad game but by removing that mode killed it completely for me. Won’t be jumping on unless they implement rivals by class.

I’d like to enjoy the game. The driving feels really good and I would love to do the endurance races but unfortunately my game keeps crashing and freezing, not to mention all the other glitches and design fails.
Almost 5 months after release and that freakin game still crashes in a 2 lap race in Prag… on XBone, not PC.
No, I can’t like, but hate this game.
100 Euros for Beta testing, thanks T10…

How sure are you that the game is the problem, and not a hw problem on the xbox?