I literally cannot get a Forza Arcada "wreckage" event to spawn. The other 4 events do all the time

All I need is to complete 1 wreckage arcade event for the achievment.

But every single time I see an arcade event, it’s for drift/chaos/air/speed instead.

Is it just completely bugged?

I saw one wreckage event two nights ago. I completed it and got the accolade. Besides that, I can’t remember the previous time I saw one. I had forgotten about it until then.

I almost get the feeling that they’re not spawning because I haven’t completed a certain part of the game or something? Similar to the way that all of the PR stunts don’t unlock until you’ve got a certain festival site.

I’m just sat at my Xbox checking every 10 minutes, and wreckage never appears.

It seems the rarest at the moment.