I lack focus as to what to work on next?

I seem to be all over the place. Do I work on Forzathon, or maybe accolades, etc? I sit down and think “ ok I want to work on something” but then find I don’t quite know what that is? How do you all go about this? I get distracted by barn finds and painting cars, etc. I need to pick something and focus on it. Think I’m getting overwhelmed maybe by everything going on?

I just pick icons on the map… “OK I’ll do speed zones for bit” and take everything off the map except those. Other than that I just do what I like, tuning and testing various cars and categories of cars. Stuff I don’t enjoy I skip.

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I feel the same way. I leave all icons on the map and do whichever one I come to next. And if it’s a race, I use what I’m driving. Obviously, one can’t do that if the come to a speed zone on their favorite “C” car.

You’re on to something there.

Speed traps have different speed targets for class of car.

Eg - Festival speed trap 3 stars

D - 100mph
C - 135mph
B - 150mph
A - 180mph
S1 - 190mph
S2 - 200mph
X - 2847392mph

That’s 6x the speed trap plus 6x the speed zone content and about 2 hours extra gameplay right there.

Also as far as seasonal stuff goes I really haven’t started bc my progress kept being erased so I’m waiting on that. Maybe it helps bc I’m not a game completions or someone that wants to quickly reach max level or max credits, whatever. Hope this helps.

I just rotate through everything.

1/ Collect the billboards
2/ Tune a car, test the car
3/ Paint
4/ Goliath
5/ Gauntlet
6/ Marathon
7/ Drifting
8/ Story
9/ Seasonal event, or stunt

i just drive around and have fun and if i want to do something i do it

sometimes i just sit on the side of the road or climb the mountains and look at the scenery and other players driving by and stopping and honking(if the system is working right and they are not vanishing)

just do what you want there is plenty out there to get involved in and there is no rush to do any one thing unless you want to

Currently I’m working through setting a clean Rivals time in every event for the Accolades…have done Road and Dirt, halfway through Street and then CC to do last. In between doing them, I am running 10 laps races to get the “win 10 races against unbeatable drivatars” to get those Accolades…had to get a little creative with car and track choice for Dirt and CC as I was struggling (B Class Classic Racers with a Daytona at Ek Balam CC and the Dirt race at the little town where the Vocho Story is).

Rest of the Accolades I have given up with as too many don’t work and too many show incomplete but are complete which just wastes time

I tend to look at the Playlist and work out the most efficient way to achieve the cars and points I want. Basically I’m after doing the bare minimum I need and trying to avoid the things I dislike as much as possible LoL! For example, I combined the Drag Strip speed trap with the AGED WELL daily and got both with a 250 GTO, then I waited until today to nail the Danger Sign + SPRING INTO ACTION with the Napalm Nova - also did the Photo Challenge whilst I was up there.

Having gaps between the Playlist events makes it seem less like a chore for me and gives me time to do what I enjoy most in Forza which is painting… and rivals… when I’m not painting…. :grin:

if youre thinking about it as ‘work’ then its not really fun anymore is it?

I set the Map filter to New only. Then I do those. After that, one by one through the Accolades list leaving Creative (well, Tuning, Painting, etc.) for last as I don’t know how to do those.

Since posting I just been pinning accolades and doing those and it is going well. Feel like I’m accomplishing something and not just joy riding around.

I pick out what I like to do and focus on that. I completed all the dirt races already in A class because I love dirt racing. I’ll probably just keep doing them in all classes for now until I get used to the tuning/physic changes from fh4, then start on cross country racing. My first goal was to discover all roads though. If I don’t feel like racing I just chase down fast travel boards, got about a dozen more to go on that front. Just gotta do what you enjoy for now, bugs galore in the game makes it less than desirable to want to achieve everything and some game modes just do not interest me at all.

I recommend using the map filter and turning off everything except whatever you’re focusing on.

For example I always turn on show online players, barn finds, boards etc as they don’t spam the map and are useful to see. I then turn on road races and complete them all. I then turn off road races and turn on cross country races. Rinse repeat. I then move onto stories until I eventually complete everything.

If you’re new them I also recommend focusing on getting all the fast track boards first. It’s really easy to do just download a map online that have all 50 marked with a number. Takes next to no time. Once you have them all then you can teleport anywhere on the map for free.