I Know What You Did Last Winter

Beware: the snowmen you’ll find in Horizon UK during the winter know pain and will probably seek revenge upon us one of these days.

If you look at the snowmen in the game, they’re smiling-- at least until you knock them over. Suddenly the smile turns to a frown as the snowman comes apart and you’ll see as such on the remains.

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whereabouts are you finding the snowmen? there was a fair few on blizzard mountain but the winter in horizon 4 seems tame compared to that even the blizzard settings, could barely see where you were going on Blizzard mountain and there were tons of snowmen.

+1 I wish winter in FH4 was like winter on Blizzard Mountain.


They definately need to amp up the blizzard part. I mean it shouldn’t happen as often as it did in blizzard mountain but every so often it should storm like BM and should be a race option. They also need to add more snowmen. I’ve only seen a couple.


I only miss the snowstorm a bit, would be looking odd in Edinburgh, but it would be cool to have it in Winter Season event races.

For everything else, I prefer the winter in FH4, lighting, road conditions and their transitions look and feels better.

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Not really, Scotland gets heavy heavy snow compared to London for example, so it’ll be perfectly fine and fit in fine.

Ambleside or Broadway has a few in several houses’ gardens or front yards, and I found one right in front of a parked tractor in the central field region.

Ahh, just would not be winter with out the happy… (or not so happy) Snowmen…

Just sayin’

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Actually found nearly 15 in Broadway and Ambleside, not found the one by the tractor in a field mentioned above yet.